Instructions for the Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch quest, including hidden requirements and the location of Skull Rock

the Find Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley It can only be accessed after unlocking Stitch by finding the three socks in the valley and then placing a beacon in Skull Rock site.

Once you’ve made Stitch home and it’s officially part of your valley, you’ll then have to make a number of them hidden requirements To advance with his story.

To help you out with Stitch’s antics, we have a file Walkthrough for Stitch Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley below, including what The hidden condition is for the Stitch mission at level 10.

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Skull Rock site in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before Stitch’s missions really begin, you first have to unlock it by finding three socks over the course of ten days, and placing a beacon on Skull Rock.

Skull Rock is located off the south coast of Dazzle Beach, on the eastern side of the Biome. Look to the left of the pier on the beach to easily spot the island.

Skull Rock is a small island on the east side of the Dazzle Beach Biome.

Place the beacon on Skull Rock from your furniture list, then follow the steps to place Stitch’s house somewhere in the valley and build it for 10,000 Star Coins. You will then be free to start the Stitch quest, but you will need to unlock the first hidden claim.

Stitch’s first hidden mission requirement in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first hidden quest for Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Find one of the disruptive signs in Peaceful Meadow. There are three of them, but you only need to interact with one to advance Stitch’s mission at the moment.

After talking with Donald Duck and Stitch about which sign to find, you will need to find all three.

Here is where to find Three spoilers For Stitch’s quest in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley:

  1. At the entrance to Dazzle Beach on the east side of Peaceful Meadows.
  2. At the entrance to Dazzle Beach on the south side of Peaceful Meadows.
  3. At the entrance to the Glade of Trust in Peaceful Meadows.

All three vandalized signs were found at the entrances to Peaceful Meadow.

Next, take Three vandal marks, x5 hardwood and x5 softwood Go to the crafting station and craft “Donald Signs” from the “Furniture” tab.

Show the signs to Stitch, then return to Peaceful Meadows and place the three Donald signs wherever you want on the furniture menu.

You then have to watch Stitch apologize to Donald to complete the ‘Goodness Level Check’ part of Stitch’s task, after which you will be able to find the second hidden condition.

The second hidden condition of the Stitch mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock the second part of the Stitch quest, you need to:

  • Unlock Remy
  • Get a stitch in friendship level 4
  • Open WALL-E and his garden
  • Open the Glade of Trust Biome
  • Fulfill hidden requirements

The second hidden condition for Stitch’s mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Find your cup of coffee near WALL-E Park, then view it on WALL-E. The cup will glisten on the ground somewhere near his garden. He appeared behind us.

After talking with both WALL-E and Stitch after finding the Grail, you should Make a bag with x15 fiber and x5 soiland then Create a coffee seedling with x25 pebbles, x25 clay, and x1 bagthen transplant the seedling into the Glade of Trust biome.

You will need to water the Glade of Trust coffee seedlings at least twice and Wait about fifteen minutes for it to grow. Harvest the coffee beans, then talk to Stitch and Remy, and then you can make coffee using x1 coffee beans in the cooker.

Give Coffee to Stitch to complete the “Stitch So Sleepy” portion of his quest and move on to the next one.

How to dress up for the Stitch Quest adventure in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock the third part of the Stitch quest, you must:

  • Open Ariel
  • Get a stitch on friendship level 7
  • Advance with the Ursuala quest and complete the main quest “With Great Power”
  • Unlock the sunlit plateau biome

Once you meet these requirements, talk to Stitch, then collect x3 glass, x3 gold ingot, and x9 tinkering parts to make a Stitch TV.

As soon as you give Stitch his TV and watch a movie with him, he will ask you to dress up in adventure clothes to go on a mission with him. To dress for adventure, you have to Wear clothing marked “athletic”. You can easily find them from the top of the wardrobe menu, under the “Orders” section if you have the required clothes.

You’ll need to wear a sweatshirt, pants, and shoes to complete the Adventure Outfit quest in the Stitch quest. If you don’t have everything you need, visit Scrooge in his shop and buy some of his mannequins or from his catalog by talking to him.

Once you’re dressed for adventure, head to the mysterious cave in Dazzle Beach. This is located behind the pillar in the grassy part of the east side of Dazzle Beach.

Follow Stitch, then talk to Ursula and Ariel to complete the “Stitch’s Hobby” part of his mission.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Vacation Update is here! We’ve got pages on how to get Stitch, step-by-step instructions for the Stitch quest, festive fish, redeem codes, the Toy Story Realm, how to catch a Kingfish, a modern and future character list, and a recipe list including how to make boba tea, fruit cakes, and a Christmas log. , and a gingerbread house. For more help, check out How to Upgrade Your Home, Remy’s recipe book websites, and “With Great Power” and “Nature & Nourishment” notebooks—including how to get rich soil, clay, and seaweed, and how to make extra fizzy root beer.

The third hidden requirement after reaching level 10 for the Stitch quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’ll need to get a level 10 friendship with Stitch to unlock the last part of his mission. Once you do that, the hidden requirement to do the Stitch quest at Friendship level 10 appears to be the case Wait for it to open. Those living in Australia on the Disney Dreamlight Valley Discord server mentioned that it was the next day for them.

However, u/hga90 on the DisneyDreamlights subreddit skipped their clock forward and said that the Level 10 Stitch mission is unlocked after “they did other things for it to come out,” so you may not need to wait a full day, but it looks like it’ll take a while.

The same user on reddit also said that there was a day wait during the mission itself, so get ready for more waiting after starting the level 10 mission with Stitch!

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