Tim Rosen: I almost died filming ‘Christmas at Wolf Creek’

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A miraculous escape from real life! Tim Rosen He spent the time of his life shooting a movie Love at Wolf Creek sequel, Christmas at Wolf Creek — but the actor had a shocking close call with his health along the way.

“I almost died making christmas at wolf creek,Rozon, 46, said EXCLUSIVELY us weekly. “My appendix burst and I I didn’t even know what the supplement was. I didn’t do anything because I’m a man and I tried to sleep for 36 hours and then I finally went to the emergency room and had surgery and they saved my life.”

The Canadian native, who portrays Austin Spencer in both films, revealed that he only had two days left to shoot the romantic drama before things went wrong — and credited the crew for getting through the scary accident.

We finished the movie because [crew is] amazing. So it was a Christmas miracle all the way,” he gushes we from his specific experience.

Despite the health scare, the Sheet Creek The alum thoroughly enjoyed returning for the sequel. After, after Love at Wolf Creek Follows Austin and Samantha (Nola Martin) while trying to maintain a wildlife conservation center while falling in love, Christmas at Wolf Creek The pair reunite as they rescue Christmas from the town, a lost reindeer – and each other.

Both films focus heavily on nature conservation – something Rozon has been linked to after portraying Doc Holliday on Syfy’s Winona Earp for a period of six years from 2016 to 2021.

“I love the rancher aspect of the movie. I played cowboys for four years Winona EarpSo I was really excited to go back and play ranchers and get a cowboy hat.” we Back to Austin’s shoes. “Playing with the animals was definitely the best.”

Unlike most holiday flicks, wolf creek It keeps authenticity high by actually shooting in northern Canada, which means real snow and real cold.

“It really helps that we were out of the elements,” he said. “everybody [the] The snow [is] Reality. There are seven feet of snow [in] some places. You thought we were on a different planet. It was really fun to be with good people and all in all. And to be honest, when it snows it’s not that cold. That’s the secret. It snowed a lot, so it feels cold, but bearable. When there is no snow, that is when it is secretly cold.”

As a knight himself – Rozon and his wife, Lindsey RozonThey own horses on their ranch — the Montreal native was a fan of working closely with the animals in the film. However, nothing quite like getting back into business with Martin after the couple went into business Love at Wolf Creek.

“She’s just a good person. She’s the same as me, honestly. She’s a hard worker and we’re so glad we got our jobs.” we from his partner scene. We know how lucky we are to be cast and acted in a good movie with a good screenplay and a good director. We don’t take it for granted. We had a great time together. … It’s a great. I can’t say enough nice things about her.”

Cute characters are especially important when a lead actor’s job ends up in a hospital. “If you have to spend your time away from your near-death family, it’s good to do with good people,” Rozon quipped.

Tim Rosen reveals he nearly died while filming Wolf Creek 2's Christmas movie
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Photography wolf creek It might have been someone[most fun] year experience” Beginner’s luck But Rozon said viewers should tune in to the festive rom-com so they’ll be reminded of the “power” of Christmas.

“It’s about forgiveness. I think that’s the great thing about Christmas, there’s this special thing that happens when people make up for their lives or forgive a little bit easier than they do all year,” he explained. “And that’s what I love [it]. “

YuUnlike a romantic vacation story that follows two people who find each other, wolf creek It’s about a couple dealing with “where they are in their lives” and “where they want things to go,” he added.

“They know they care about each other deeply,” he said. “They don’t really know how to articulate it, but something happens in the movie, I won’t say what, and it makes them work together and come together and realize that love wins. I mean it’s cliche but Christmas has this tough guy. And I love him.”

As for if fans will see Austin and Sam reunite on the small screen again, Rozon said, I really hope so.”

A Christmas at Wolf Creek Premiere on UPtv Sunday, December 25th at 7 p.m. ET.

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