WWE Star returns to RAW with a new look and attitude, potential title match

Nikki Cross is back in WWE RAW with her old name, plus a new look and attitude, apparently with a touch of her old gimmick.

Kroos has struggled in a few live non-television matches this month, but she last worked out a WWE television match during RAW on September 26, stumbling upon the debut of Candice Larry. After that short match, Cross sat in the corner and removed her superhero mask as she sobbed.

Fast forward to RAW tonight from Charlotte, NC, and WWE has now dropped Nikki ASH’s name and gimmick in favor of a new heel character.

RAW was ranked of the night by a no-title match between Bayley and RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Near the end, the referee ejected WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions IYO SKY and Dakota Kai after they were caught interfering. Then a mysterious woman escaped out of nowhere and jumped off the steps of the steel ring, taking the heroes and judges down with a spray. Bayley and Belair retreated into the ring, while commentator Corey Graves identified the mysterious woman as Nikki Cross. The match continued and Bieler hit a header, but the referee was put down. Kroes then lunged at Belair from behind, sending her into the center of the ring to position. This allowed Bayley to get a pin on Bellaire for the win after the referee ran second.

However, Kroos returned to the ring after the match and Bayley won again. Kross picked up some and hit Bayley with her jacket, then more hits. RAW went off the air with Cross laying tall in the middle of the ring while Bayley and Belair lay on the mat. The clip appears to have received an average response from the Spectrum Center crowd in Charlotte.

WWE has not announced a RAW Women’s Title match for Crown Jewel as of this writing, but it will be interesting to see if they go with Cross vs. Bayley vs. Belair at Triple Threat.

Here are some photos and clips from tonight’s main event and back:

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