Adams calls out accused thief Robert De Niro: ‘enemy of our public safety’

Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday called out the serial robber accused of breaking into Robert De Niro’s Manhattan home — citing her as an example of rampant recidivism and “the enemy of our public safety.”

“This woman was arrested for burglary over and over while she was out on burglary,” Adams said of professional thief Shanice Aviles in a meeting with The Post’s editorial staff.

“She’s doing it again,” said the mayor. “This is the enemy of our public safety in this city, in this country.”

“Recidivism is the enemy of our cities across America,” he added.

Speaking to The Post editorial staff, Adams referred to suspect Shanice Aviles — a repeat felon with at least 26 arrests on the rap tab — as “the enemy of our public safety.”

Police said Aviles, 30, had at least 26 arrests over her rap sheet — including 16 busts so far this year — when cops said they arrested her inside her Upper East Side home. which costs $69,000 a month, met De Niro early Monday.

Serial thief Shanice Aviles, 30, is accused of breaking into Robert De Niro’s Upper East Side home.

She was arraigned in Manhattan criminal court late Monday and ordered to be held on $40,000 bail — with prosecutors warning that she would not commit another crime unless she was cut again.

“She has failed time and time again to take advantage of rehab services that would enable her to detox, stay out of trouble, and look… [for] Trial dates,” Manhattan District Attorney Dylan Los Huertos told the judge.

“The defendant showed that she would not engage in services,” said Los Huertos. “She will not go back to court and will re-offend if she is released.”

Mayor Eric Adams
Mayor Eric Adams cited Robert De Niro’s indictment of burglar Shanice Aviles as an example of rampant recidivism, which he called “the enemy of public safety in this city.”
New York City Mayor’s Office

Aviles has already had public burglary cases in Queens, sought based on two arrest warrants — including skipping at a court-ordered Manhattan drug rehab facility earlier this month.

Sources said Aviles was caught in at least six robberies in the 19th District — which covers the Upper East Side — between November 25 and December 8.

Bail was set at $5,000 during trial the next day — but another Manhattan judge then agreed to release her into a 28-day rehabilitation program at Cornerstone Treatment Centers on December 13, according to prosecutors.

She skipped at her next court appearance and a warrant was issued for her arrest two days later – with Los Huertos saying in court Monday that it was unclear if she had entered rehab.

Robert De Niro's house.
Police said Chance Aviles, 30, broke into actor Robert De Niro’s Manhattan home on Monday morning and was caught trying to steal Christmas gifts.
Matthew McDermott

“It is unclear at this time if she entered the cornerstone — but it is clear that she was not in this rehab facility on December 19th. This is because the defendant was on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, staring at closed businesses and residences,” she said. He said.

Adams has long grappled with lax state laws that make it difficult for law enforcement to lock up repeat offenders in the wake of 2019 criminal justice reforms that banned bail for most crimes.

“I can’t explain that we’ve created an atmosphere in the city, if not the country, that people who commit these crimes are not held accountable, and that sends a signal in the streets that ‘we can keep doing these crimes,'” Adams said at a news conference in July.

He and NYPD Commissioner Kishant Sewell have traveled to Albany to press lawmakers to add teeth to the 2019 reforms.

Adams told The Post Tuesday that he would go back to Albany lawmakers to make another push for his criminal justice agenda to help the city get tougher on repeat offenders like Aviles.

“Those who have covered Albany know that sometimes it takes a legislative session or two before you get off the plane,” he said. “I’ve been there and I know how long it took us to push through many of these items that we moved forward.

He added, “I will come back with an agenda on those items that we didn’t get, like recidivism.” “Recidivism is the enemy of our cities across America.”

Additional reporting by Joe Marino

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