Drake is being pulled for his 42-diamond “Cornie” necklace for all the times he’s thought about proposing

If there’s one thing we know about Drake, it’s that he’s not one to hold back when it comes to romantic gestures.

From awkwardly declaring his undying love for Rihanna on stage at the VMAs in 2016 to gifting Jennifer Lopez a $100,000 necklace, for better or worse, Drake’s attitude has always been “go big or go home.”

But now, his latest move seemed to leave the crowd a bit divided.

On Tuesday, luxury jewelry designer Alex Moss posted a video unveiling a new custom necklace commissioned by Drake.

The sparkling piece, titled “Past Engagements,” is comprised of 42 diamonds representing each time the rapper has come close to displaying it, totaling 351.38 carats.

Describing the video as a “huge piece of art,” Alex told TMZ that the necklace took 14 months to complete. He did not disclose the price, though fans in the comments section speculated that the price could be upwards of $4 million.

Drake has yet to post about the necklace himself, though he is believed to have worn it in public for the first time this past weekend at a concert in Atlanta.

And while the self-proclaimed “adopted sweetheart” has never shied away from embracing his tumultuous love life, the meaning of the necklace left fans a little divided, with hundreds of Twitter users calling out “a strangernod.

Twitter: @MatthewACherry

“Imagine making a necklace for every major L you’ve ever had? Drake has so much loser energy, so awkward man,” one user chirp In response to the video, other fans echoed it, calling it a “corny. “

Imagine making a necklace for every big L you ever have? Drake has a lot of loser energy so he’s embarrassing dude https://t.co/i3sOkNhFXG

Twitter: @GrahamShein

Another even quipped that the concept of the contract sounds like a joke someone would make about Drake, writing that it has become “Complete self parody. “

Someone else wrote that more “annoyingSomething about the necklace was his name.

The most disturbing thing about Drake’s necklace is that he shot it. If your jewelry has its own title album, your taxes are very low

Twitter: @kennykeil

Of course, one of the main topics of discussion was the sheer number of times he’d thought about proposing, with many fans pointing out that at the age of 36, thinking about marriage over 40 times is quite an accomplishment.

“The urge to propose 42 times is fierce,” said one Wrotewhile another person expressed his shock and even continued counting.

Twitter: @drawntosenia

And while the price remains unknown, others have pointed out the obvious, suggesting that there could be better — and more affordable — ways for Drake to deal with his lost loved ones.

“Men will spend an immeasurable amount of money while the majority of people are in poverty because of layers of turmoil and inner turmoil, this rather than cure,” one person chirp.

Men will spend an immeasurable amount of money while the majority of people are in poverty because of layers of turmoil and inner turmoil, this instead of a cure https://t.co/ksDR78ujJ4

Twitter: @luligarciakelly

When thinking about the meaning of the contract, many people were finally disturbed by the way it reinforced “solid reputation‘, with one fan writing that his ‘act’ about the struggle to find love is ‘annoying. “

This action “I am a certified lover and I love no one and no one loves me I am a gamer” act of blasphemy, you are 36 years old https://t.co/PNB9e4cLAD

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