Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches globally and is available to play now

Ready to dive in but want to know more about the story? If you haven’t checked out a file Breakwell shorts Yet, look no further than below!

Advance Shorts From “MARVEL’S MIDNIGHT SUNS”

  1. episode 1: Salem sisters (Premiered October 31, 2022)
  2. Episode 2: A new sun must rise (Premiered November 8, 2022)
  3. Episode 3: Hell on Wheels (Premiered November 15, 2022)
  4. Episode 4: Dayoker (Premiered November 22, 2022)
  5. Episode 5: Nikko TV (Premiered November 28, 2022)

You can also check out the official prequel novel, Midnight in Marvel: Infernal RisingWritten by SD Perry and published by Titan Books!

Blade, Magik, Nico Minoru, and Ghost Rider join forces to form the Midnight Suns. Trained by the Caretaker at The Abbey, a Gothic fortress in a pocket dimension, this new team of superheroes is the world’s first line of defense against the demonic forces of the underworld.

With a looming prophecy of magical unrest threatening to unleash horrific danger, the Suns must learn to work together, and fast. But they are not the only ones paying attention to the turmoil of mystical forces.

Taking advantage of the growing turmoil, a mysterious group called the Triumvirate have discovered a hidden relic that will give them control of Mephisto, and they will stop at nothing to exact revenge on their common enemy. The Midnight Suns will face their greatest challenge yet to stop the Triumvirate from revealing this destructive power and throwing the world into chaos.

soon in April 18, 2023stay tuned for the official artbook that will be released soon: Marvel’s Midnight Suns: The Art of the Game Written by Paul Davies and published by Titan Books!

The official art book for the Marvel’s Midnight Suns video game is filled with interviews with the creative team behind the game, as well as amazing concept art created during the development process.

When the demonic Lilith and her fearsome horde unite with the armies of evil Hydra, it’s time to unleash Marvel’s dark side. As The Hunter, your task is to lead an unlikely team of seasoned superheroes and dangerous supervillains to victory. Can legends like Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Blade put their differences aside in the face of the growing apocalyptic threat? If you intend to save the world, you will have to form alliances and lead the team into battle as the legendary Midnight Suns – Earth’s last line of defense against the underworld.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Game art Captures the creative process of this long awaited game. Exclusive concept art and in-game renderings created by the talented development team – who created the game in collaboration with Marvel – are presented in exquisite detail in this lush hardcover volume. Characters, locations, gadgets, weapons, monsters, enemies and much more are all accompanied by unique insights from the artists and developers behind the game. So enter a world Marvel Midnight –And rise against the dark!

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