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Tuesday features a slate of five matches starting at 7 p.m. ET.

Let’s dive into some of the best plays on the list with FantasyLabs’ tools and metrics.

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Note: Estimates and leverages may change throughout the day after this article was published. The landscape of NBA DFS is changing quickly.

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NBA DFS Point Guard picks


Jordan Paul Its price has gotten significantly higher recently, but it still stands out as one of the best values ​​in the position. He knocked out 55.75 DraftKings points over the course of 34.6 minutes on his last ride, and has posted a utilization rate of 40.4%. This will probably be on the high side of what you can expect on Tuesday, but Paul will have to continue to handle huge workloads with Steve Curry And the Andrew Wiggins out of lineup. He’s seen team utilization rise +6.5% with both players off the floor this season, resulting in an average DraftKings 1.16 points per minute.

In the end, it can be compared to a roof drop I’m MorantIn our NBA models, but Poole’s price – $2,300 cheaper on DraftKings. This makes it the obvious choice if it pays.


stick to warriors, You are Jerome Another possible option is the point guard. The Warriors are also expected to be without them Donte Divincenzo On Tuesday, who suspects he has a disease. That would open up a few more minutes in the backcourt, and Jerome sees him as one of the biggest beneficiaries. It’s currently projected at 26 minutes in our NBA models, and players with similar salaries and accurate expectations have historically recorded an average plus/minus of +3.09 (as per the Trends tool). Jerome averaged 0.74 DraftKings points per minute with Curry, Wiggins and DiVincenzo off the floor, so he has a good chance of returning value against the Knicks.

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The Jazz have one of the best matches possible on Tuesday against the Pistons. Detroit ranks 29th in defensive efficiency this season, and the Jazz is currently guaranteed 116.0 points. Mike Conley It leads all point guards with a plus/minus +3.52 discount on FanDuel, making it a good option to buy low at $5,500.

Emmanuel Quickly He always deserves some attention in tournaments. He has the potential to get away with limited playing time, and his salary is down to $4,700 on FanDuel. This is as cheap as it has been since October, and it shouldn’t have much of a property on this list.

DFS NBA Shooting Guard Picks


Devin Booker Doubtful for Tuesday’s game against the Wizards after sitting out Monday with a groin injury. However, if he’s in the lineup, he’s in a great place to do some damage. Washington started the year defensively, but has come back to reality in recent weeks. They’re down to just 20th in defensive efficiency, and the Suns’ implied total of 118.0 ranks second on the list.

Booker also showed his roof the last time he got on the floor, scoring 75.0 Draft Kings vs. Lakers. He’s one of the few pairs that stands out as a better value in the DraftKings, where his $9,500 salary comes with a bargain rating of 94%.


Jaden IveyHis minutes have taken a serious hit lately, and he’s posted a negative plus/minus in seven of his past eight games. However, his most recent performance is the only exception. He earned 27.5 DraftKings points in 27.6 minutes, and that kind of production should be sustainable for the rookie guard. He’s averaged 0.95 DraftKings points per minute this season, and he’s seen the biggest usage bump on the team. Kid Cunningham who is down to earth. Ivey is another excellent choice in DraftKings due to its 94% bargain rating.

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Clay Thompson He’s really struggled hitting the ball this season, but should see an uptick in volume as the Warriors cut short. He managed a DraftKings 34.75 points in his last game despite Poole breaking out for 43 points, and his shooting size can be split evenly between the two players. Thompson has the ability to get very hot, which gives him an excellent rooftop on nights his shot drops.

As usual, the Heat have an injury report uploaded on Tuesday, so we’ll have to wait and see who gets in and out. Kyle Lowry And the Caleb Martin Both are questionable, though Jimmy Butler Possible. Regardless of the team’s injury status, Tyler Hero It stands out as an excellent choice in FanDuel. His $8,200 salary comes with a 94% bargain rating, and his plus/minus +2.85 discount gives him one of the best individual competitions for the position.

NBA DFS Small Forward Picks


The Heat isn’t usually a team you’d want to line up players against in DFS, however DeMar DeRozan Worth some study. He’s been playing well lately, scoring at least 44.25 DraftKings points in four of his past five games, and he’s been playing all the minutes he can handle. He’s averaged at least 38.9 minutes in three of his past four games, and DeRozan leads the way with an average of 1.20 DraftKings points per minute over the past month.


Jonathan Cuminga It’s really hard to avoid on FanDuel. His $4,200 salary comes with a 96% bargain rating, and he leads all players in FanDuel Plus/Minus projected on our NBA models.

Kuminga was limited to just 5.4 minutes in his final bout, but this one stands out. He’s played 28.7 minutes a game before that, and that seems like a more accurate representation of what his role should look like sans Carey Wiggins. Kuminga has also increased his output to 0.88 FanDuel points per minute over the past month, so he doesn’t need a lot of playing time to return potential value.

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Patrick Williams It is another excellent value option in the situation. It is not the same product per minute as Kuminga, but its minutes are much safer. It’s currently expected over 30 minutes in our NBA models, and players with similar salaries and accurate expectations have historically averaged plus/minus +3.75 on FanDuel.

Michael Bridges He routinely plays huge minutes, and was projected for the second most minutes among SFs on Tuesday’s DraftKings roster. It’s also dropped to just $6,500 on DraftKings, resulting in a bargain rating of 96%. He has a lot of low buy appeal at that number, especially if Booker isn’t able to dress him up.

NBA DFS Power Forward picks


Julius Randel officially returned. The 2020-21 NBA Most Valuable Player took a huge step back last season, but he’s back to put up dominant fantasy numbers for the Knicks. He has posted a positive plus/minus score for the DraftKings in six straight games, and he has scored at least 48.0 DraftKings points in five of those competitions. He’s increased his output to 1.33 DraftKings points per minute over the past month, and he’s been playing all the minutes he can handle Obi Tobin out of lineup. The Warriors have been a below-average defense in points in the paint, and they also play with the fastest pace in the league. That means there’s plenty of reason to believe Randall can keep the good times going on Tuesday.


Nikola Jovic She could have some appeal on this list depending on the Heat’s injury status. It’s currently expected to last 24 minutes on our NBA models, and that would make it a solid option at just $3,200. It’s averaged 0.81 DraftKings points per minute over the past month, and its $3,200 price tag comes with a bargain rating of 77%. The Bulls are also tough opponents, giving Jović a plus/minus +3.45 discount.

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Draymond Green It’s clearly not the same player he was in his prime, but he’s understated at $5,900 on the DraftKings. He hasn’t played much from Cary Wiggins and Divincenzo this year, but he’s averaging 1.15 DraftKings points per minute in this position. He was projected for just under 32 minutes against the Knicks, giving him a great opportunity to recover value.

Laurie Markkanen He continues to deliver steady productions in his first year with the Jazz. He’s posted a positive Plus/Minus in seven of his past eight FanDuel matches, including a 36.7 FanDuel score in his last appearance. However, his salary is already down $400 for Tuesday’s game against the Pistons, even though the Pistons are a great game. It doesn’t make any sense.

NBA DFS Center picks


Most of the nail options on this list are pretty uninspiring, however Nikola Jokic It’s a completely different animal. There has never been anyone like him in the NBA, and I’m not sure there will be in the future. He’s capable of dominating every aspect of the game, and he brought it all together in his latest outing. He had a ridiculous 40 points, 27 rebounds, and 10 assists against the Hornets, and even added two steals for good measure. Overall, he finished with a DraftKings score of 95.75, his third performance with at least 80.5 in his past four games.

The Grizzlies are indeed a tougher match, but Jokic is simply too good to ignore on a roster with limited studs. His drop average is more than 12 points higher than the rest of the Tuesday players, and he leads in drop ceiling by nearly 15 points.


Galen Doreen He took over the starting center position for the Pistons, and he has thrived in the role. He has posted outstanding numbers on the board, posting a 26.4% rebound rate in his past five contests. He pulled double-digit boards in each of those games, and there’s no reason to expect anything different against the Jazz. Utah has struggled solidly against big men opposition this season, so Duren is a great bet for a double-double at the lowest price.

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Deender Eaton He returned to the Suns lineup for their final game, finishing with a Draft Kings score of 37.25 points in 25.9 minutes. Ayton has been a beast over the past month, averaging 1.33 DraftKings points per minute, and should see a few extra minutes if Tuesday’s game is more competitive.

It’s hard to choose between Bulls screws on most baseboards, however Nikola Vucevic Played well lately. He’s recorded a positive Plus/Minus in four of his past six games, and the Heat have surprisingly struggled against opposing centers this season. Vucevic has a plus/minus discount of +5.24, which is the second best mark in the position.

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