Princess Connect! Re: Diving brings the beginning of the new year!

Oh Knights! The spooky season has come and gone, and we’re close to the holiday season, so you know what’s coming next, right? That’s right – it’s New Year! To celebrate the coming of the new year, we have plenty of events and characters in store, new and old. Get ready to start the new year in the world of Astraea!

Let’s start things off with a bang — and what’s a better buzz than bringing back the Princess Gala? Headlining the Princess Gala is a new limited edition (New Year’s) Karel figure! The witches of the Gourmet Guild are ready to ring in the new year, complete with traditional costume to match the season. Her magic-dealing prowess is as strong as ever, with a revamped skill set that includes a new Union Burst – the New Year Burst – that not only deals massive magical damage to a single target, but also increases the damage taken at that. If you figure out a way to use them in quick succession, you might be able to deal some serious damage.

Moreover, the return of Princess Gala also means the return of the previous exclusive characters! You’ll be able to get Christina, Muimi, and Neneka during the Princess Gala activity, if you haven’t come across these powerful characters yet. And of course, Princess Gala is home to double 3 ★ draw rates too – meaning you’re more likely than usual to encounter one of Astraea’s coveted characters, old and new. You will also have the ability to redeem Character Points for Karyl (New Years), Christina, Muimi or Neneka.

Princess Gala returns for 72 hours, from 12/3, 23:00 UTC to 12/6, 22:59 UTC. After the party is over, the exclusive Princess Gala characters will be gone for the foreseeable future, so plan accordingly!

After the party is over, Karyl (New Year’s) stays in the spotlight for a little while longer! This will be your last chance to be able to get Karyl (New Year’s). As a limited character, after the special Focus Gachas and Galas expire, they won’t be added to your regular Premium Gacha tournament – so you’ll want to make the most of this opportunity, should you need it!

Whether you get Karyl (New Year’s Eve) through the Princess Gala or during the Focus Gacha, you’ll also get a bonus of 100 Memory Shards to help speed up her boarding process as well.

Focus Gacha runs on Karyl (New Years) for seven days, from 12/6, 23:00 UTC, to 12/13, 22:59 UTC. Get your New Year’s blowout fix!

Finally, after Karel’s time in the spotlight, we’re bringing back last year’s New Year’s exclusive characters in a new Gacha Prize! Leader of Twinkle Wish and the guild’s resident healer are ready to celebrate the New Year – why not join them?

The Hiyori (New Year) and Yui (New Year) Gacha Award works like any other Gacha Award previously – but to give a quick refresher, when you make the Gacha Prize draws, you will first select a character to receive additional rewards for. These bonuses can range from anything from divine amulets to extra memory shards for the chosen character! In addition, all characters highlighted during a Gacha Award will have boosted draw rates – a welcome sight for seasonal characters like this!

The Hiyori (New Year’s) and Yui (New Year’s) Gacha lasts for six days, from 12/13, 23:00 UTC to 12/19, 22:59 UTC.

It seems that the Guild League is hosting a special event to celebrate the New Year! They are setting up a special race around Landosol where the winning guild gets a special prize along with the title of the luckiest guild in all of Landosol. Get ready to join the Gourmet Guild (and Suzume – the lines of what constitutes a “guild” here are a bit loose) as they race for this grand prize!

Make your way to the starting line for unique and exclusive boss battles, where you can test your skills on three different difficulties: Normal, Hard and Extra Hard. Very Hard is set to be the hardest of the group, and can only be cleared once per day. If you want more of a challenge, we’ve also prepared another special difficulty boss, with unique challenges and mechanics that will challenge you in new ways across three different modes. Of course, you will earn rewarding prizes for each boss you defeat, such as victory medals, equipment, and more.

In order to fight bosses, you will need to spend boss tickets. Boss Tickets can be obtained by clearing event stages, as well as from login bonuses during the event. If you don’t successfully defeat a boss on your first try, don’t worry – you can retry as many times as necessary, and non-lethal boss damage carries over between attempts.

Speaking of Suzume, she will be dressed in her New Year’s best and ready to race. Be sure to cheer for Suzume (New Year’s Eve) as she makes her way through the various checkpoints throughout the race. During the story event period, you will be able to recruit Suzume (New Year’s Eve) after defeating the boss on Normal difficulty. Just be sure to take part in the race with Suzume (New Year’s Eve) before she drops off her first outfit at the shrine.

For a more rewarding experience, we’re also increasing experience gain rates for completing event missions. During the event, clearing event quests will grant 1.5x normal experience, in addition to the normal mana tickets, items, and boss tickets offered by these quests.

The Gacha Victory Medal is also back for this event! Clearing event stages and event missions and defeating the previously mentioned bosses will earn you Victory Medals, which can be exchanged for a large number of goodies. There is a pre-determined series of bonus lists, each of which displays a main bonus – once you have rolled the main bonus for the current lineup, you will have the opportunity to either reset the bonuses and move on to the next lineup, or defer the reset to clear out all possible bonuses. Here are the main bonuses you should be looking for!

  • Lineup 1: Kurume Memory Shards x 20
  • Lineup 2: Suzume’s Memory Shards (New Year) x 25
  • Lineup 3: Kurume Memory Shards x 30
  • Lineup 4: Suzume’s Memory Shards (New Year) x 40

Just remember – once you pass the initial 4 decks, you will not be able to reset the active deck until you have earned all possible bonuses from the current active deck.

Ready, go, go! The Landosol Guild Race story event will be available from 12/3, 23:00 UTC to 12/17, 22:59 UTC.

Welcome the new year with a new set of unique equipment for Twinkle Wish. In this update, we are bringing new unique equipment for Hiyori (New Year), Yui (New Year), and Rei (New Year) so that they can spread the New Year spirit while strengthening these unique heroines. Unique equipment will be unlocked for Hiyori (New Year’s), Yui (New Year’s), and Rei (New Year’s) on December 13, 2022 after 9:00 UTC.

Get ready for a long night out, my friend. Yukari makes her rounds and prepares for her boarding 6 ★. She is ready to take her support and healing skills to the next level and wants to take you along on the journey. You will be able to get Pure Memory Shards from Yukari by completing the very difficult stage 20-1. Remember that you will also need Princess Orbs from Temple Trek in order to level up your character. *Note* This process cannot be reversed.

Very Hard Main Quest Stage 20-1 and 6 ★ The Rise of Yukari will open on 3/12 at 9:00 UTC.

Since you’re running empty on multiple resources, fill them up during the super exciting limited-time double drop campaigns.

To get started, you’ll start double-dropping on normal missions. Get ready to double your equipment, mana, and other items when you complete normal missions during the campaign period. The Normal Quest Double Drop Campaign will run from 11/30, 13:00 UTC to 12/5, 12:59 UTC and then again from 12/11, 13:00 UTC to 12/17, 12:59 UTC.

And getting us back up to speed, “grot-2” will also come back. During the Grotto Quest Double Drop campaign, get double the amount of mana and EXP potions as you complete Grotto missions. This doubling period will occur from 12/6, 13:00 UTC to 12/13, 12:59 UTC.

Finally, get double your mana during the Dungeon Double Drop Campaign. This chance to win starts from 12/14, 13:00 UTC to 12/20, 12:59 UTC.

For readability and accessibility, below is a rundown of all the updates announced today. Thank you for playing Princess Connect! Re: Dive, Knights! These special promotions would not be available without all of your support. We hope you continue to enjoy Princess Connect! Re: Dive!

See you in Astraea, Knights!

– Crunchyroll Games

*Note: All event details may be subject to change. Please check in-game notifications at the start of events for full details.

  • Karyl (New Year’s) Princess Gala (12/3 23:00 UTC to 12/6 22:59 UTC)
    • Karyl (New Year’s) booster modifier, also available for redemption via character exchange points.
    • Double the draw rates for 3 characters ★ at Princess Karel’s (New Year’s) party.
    • Christina, Mimi, and Nenika are limited units and will only be available during the Princess Gala period.
    • Karyl (New Year’s) is a limited unit and will only be available during the Princess Gala and upcoming Focus Gacha period.
  • Karyl (New Year’s Eve) Raqz Gacha (6/12 11:00 PM to 12/13 10:59 PM)
    • Karyl (New Year’s) booster modifier, also available for redemption via character exchange points.
    • Karyl (New Year) is a limited unit and will only be available during the Focus Gacha period.
  • Hiyori (New Year’s Eve) and Yui (New Year’s Eve) Gacha Prize (12/13 11:00 PM to 12/19 10:59 PM)
    • Boosted rates for Hiyori (New Year) and Yui (New Year), are also available for redemption via Character Exchange Points.
    • Hiyori (New Year) and Yui (New Year) are limited units and will only be available during the Gacha Prize period.
    • Get special rewards including Divine Amulets and Memory Fragments when you draw the Gacha Prize.
  • Story Event – Ready, Go, Go! The Landosol Guild Race (3/12 11:00 PM to 12/17 10:59 PM)
    • Suzume (New Year’s) exclusive to the event can be obtained.
    • Event Quests grant 1.5x experience.
  • Unique Equipment (after 12/13 9:00 UTC)
    • Added unique equipment for Hiyori (New Year’s), Yui (New Year’s), and Rei (New Year’s).
  • 6 ★ character version (after 3/12 9:00 UTC)
    • Yukari can now unlock her 6-star characters.
      • *Note* Once a character has been upgraded to 6 ★, you cannot reverse the process.
  • Regular Mission Double Drop Campaign (11/30 13:00 UTC to 12/5 12:59 UTC and 12/11 13:00 UTC to 12/17 12:59 UTC)
  • Grotto Quest Double Drop Campaign (12/6 13:00 UTC to 12/13 12:59 UTC)
  • Dungeon Double Drop Campaign (12/14 13:00 UTC to 12/20 12:59 UTC)

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