What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the treatment that Jay Leno gets?

Jay Leno remained in the hospital Friday after he underwent surgery after a petrol accident that left him with serious burns to his face and hands.

The injury occurred after a gasoline fire broke out in the garage of the legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host over the weekend. While he was working on his car, a blocked fuel line snapped open, spraying fuel in his face, and a nearby spark ignited the gasoline.

Leno underwent excision and grafting surgery for second- and third-degree burns and was scheduled for another operation this week.

In a statement released earlier this week, Leno said he needed “a week or two” to get back on his feet. But on Wednesday, Dr. Peter Grossman, medical director of the Grossman-Bern Center, said Leno “realizes that maybe he needs to take it a little slower than he initially expected.”

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