‘Saturday Night Live’ on cold open skewers Republican midterm nominees Herschel Walker, Dr. Oz and Carrie Lake in parody of ‘PBS NewsHour’

Saturday Night Live He took over the Republican lineup of leading midterm candidates Hershel Walker, Dr. Oz and Carrie Lake, discrediting them for their lack of experience and extremist ideas even as they had a good chance of winning their races, propelled by their celebrity stature.

The cold opening was like a satire PBS NewsHour, with Heidi Gardner as Jodie Woodruff in The Three Candidates Interview. All the while, Walker, the Republican candidate for a seat in the Georgia Senate, keeps calling her “Judas,” while quietly asking questions about the campaign trail.

At one point, Woodruff asks, “A second woman claimed you paid for an abortion, and your ex-wife once said you once put a gun to her head. Why do millions of Georgians still vote for you?”

“Gas”, played by Kenan Thompson, replies.

“Yes OK. Gas prices are high, but is there more to it?”

“Well, of course there is,” Walker replied. “Look, I’m fine. If you want to get a Jumbotron in the game. You don’t wear a cardigan and you start thinking. Take off your shirt and shake your belly. That’s why I do.”

The opening also saw the return of Cecily Strong, who played Lake, the GOP candidate leading the race for Arizona’s governor. Strong was off work on another project.

Woodruff notes that Lake, the 2020 election denier that Trump endorsed, has edged ahead of her opponent, Katie Hobbs, the Arizona secretary of state.

“You’ve now been a local, Democratic news anchor for many years. And yet you’re gaining voters. Why?” Woodruff asks Lake Obsessed with pictures.

“Because I’m an ordinary Judy. I’m just a hometown girl, constantly in soft focus and lit up like 90s Cinemax sensuality. Honestly, I’ve just clicked so many gorgeous, terrified old people here in Arizona, Florida in the West. So I’m a fighter. In my life, I sent More than 2,000 authorities, and I’m not afraid to do the same with democracy.”

Then Woodruff reminds her that one of her main issues is her denial of the 2020 election.

An angry lake replies, “Can you get over the media over the one thing I’ve made the center of my campaign for months and months. Arizonans want to talk about issues that affect them—like crime in New York, or crime in Detroit, and the most pressing issue, dragging the Queen into story time—men They wear noisy women’s clothes that introduce the children to the joy of reading. Not in my shift.”

For starters, the latter was actually a talking point for Lake’s campaign – and she was incensed by her labeling a hypocrite, as previous photos of her friendship with the well-known Phoenix Drag Queen have surfaced.

Meanwhile, Oz is now participating in opinion polls with John Fetterman, the Democratic governor, who is recovering from a stroke he suffered in May. Woodruff Oz says that the fact that there is such a close race now “surprises many in the media”.

“I’m sure of that,” says Oz, played by Mickey Day. “Let’s remember. You’ve been a long shot, Judy. But I’ve always told myself, ‘You can win this election if you’re honest, if you’re fair, and if your opponent has a debilitating medical emergency. So we’re very lucky.'”

The sitcom was a pretty standard format for SNL The editorial, which is often a parody of news programmes. It also included some really funny lines that, despite the craziness of the campaigns involved, might have gone further. Some of Walker’s actual quotes are so ridiculous that their author appears to be sarcastic.

In other parts of the editorial, Oz offers miracle cures, and Walker sparks yet another exaggerated controversy across news channels about schools and gender education. “We have kids at school who know they are Pokemon, okay. My son was born, last time I checked by texting.”

The skit also touches on what’s at stake during the midterms, when voters may be willing to elect candidates who enjoy Trump’s endorsement and who haven’t quite shied away from his false electoral claims — or in Lake’s case, already embracing them. It has generated much anxiety and warning among anti-Trump Democrats and Republicans that the upcoming vote will be a prelude to attacks on the democratic process in 2024.

“Miss Lake, you’ve suggested some big changes to the local voting laws,” says Woodruff. “If you become a ruler, will you undertake to make sure that everyone’s votes matter?”

Lake replies, “Judy, if Arizona residents elect me, I’ll make sure they never have to vote again.”

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