Stop your phone from dying quickly by turning off this setting

If your phone’s battery is draining fast, people have probably given you the advice to close your background apps. Some say it saves your battery, boosts your phone’s performance, and saves data. Others, including executives from apple and google android Team, say no, background apps aren’t consuming enough of your phone’s resources to affect its performance.

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Both groups of people could be right. While background apps may not use your phone’s resources on their own, Android phones And the Iphone Background apps will be updated periodically by default. This uses your phone’s battery and data. While refreshing background apps does not drain your resources as much screen brightness And cellular connectivity, stopping apps from updating can help conserve your battery and data for when you really need it.

Low power mode For iPhone and Battery Saver for Android phones both stop background apps from refreshing as well. However, they also pause or change other settings, such as screen refresh rate and device performance. These options will definitely save your battery and data, but they cause more dramatic changes compared to turning off background app refresh.

Here’s how to stop background apps from refreshing, helping your battery last longer and saving your data.

Turn off background app refresh on iPhone

If you have a file IphoneHere’s how to do it Stop background apps from updating.

1. to open settings.

2. Faucet general.

3. Faucet Background app refresh.

4. Faucet Background app refresh repeatedly.

Here you can choose to convert wallpaper to update About, Restrict background apps to update when you’re connected to WIFI, Or allow background apps to refresh Wi-Fi and cellular data.

If you choose WIFI or Wi-Fi and cellular dataYou can also specify which apps can be refreshed in the background. So, follow the first three steps above. Next, you’ll see a list of apps near the bottom of the page and select which apps can refresh in the background.

Turn off background app refresh on Android

If you have an Android device, here’s how to stop background apps from refreshing.

1. to open settings.

2. Faucet Network and the Internet.

3. Faucet Data keeper.

4. switch Use a data saver on me.

Data saver will stop background apps from using data unless your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. Some apps that you actively use may not load things like photos, unless you click on the photo, which can be annoying. You can click Unrestricted data just below Use a data saverThis lets you choose three apps for unrestricted access to data even with Data keeper on me.

You can also allow some apps to use background data. Here’s how.

1. to open settings.

2. Faucet Network and the Internet.

3. Faucet mobile network.

4. Faucet Application data usage.

5. Click on the application you want.

6. switch background data on me.

You can now decide which apps are updated in the background, which can save battery and data.

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