Is Microsoft exploring a cheaper ad-supported Xbox Game Pass “Lite”?

What you need to know

  • A purported survey posted on ResetEra indicates that Microsoft may be exploring an ad-supported tier of Xbox Game Pass, which also awards Xbox Live Gold.
  • The cheapest tier will include all of Xbox’s exclusive game library, including major first-party titles six months after launch. However, these games will play ads at launch to help fund the level.
  • Microsoft also recently patented personalized ads to appear in games, which seems suspiciously appropriate given this survey.
  • It might also be nothing.

A confluence of recent events has led some (myself included) to speculate that Microsoft could be exploring a cheaper, ad-supported tier of Xbox Game Pass.

The post buried in the ResetEra thread appears to show a recent survey sent out to some Xbox users, asking how they felt about an extra layer of Xbox Game Pass.

If it’s real, the purported tier would cost $3 per month, and provide access to a variety of Xbox Game Pass content with some fairly generous limits. It will include an EA Access-like vault for previous first-party Xbox games, with a similar 6-month delay on new Xbox games from having access to the service. Those who have accessed download-only Xbox games through this tier will be prompted to view an ad before starting the game.

The survey indicates that Microsoft is exploring a tier of Xbox Game Pass at €3 per month that will include first-party online multiplayer Xbox games after six months, supported by ads. (Image credit: AImalexia @ResetEra)

Assuming the above table is true, this tier also includes online multiplayer access, which is currently $9.99 per month and offers no games other than Xbox Live games that are heavily diminished with the Gold program. Games With Gold generally only includes two standalone Xbox One titles per month, and has been criticized and derided for quite some time.

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