Molded by Wisconsin Cold, TJ Watt Channels Interiors, Embraces Freezing Temperatures – Steelers Warehouse

Tomorrow’s game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Las Vegas Raiders at Akrisor Stadium on Christmas Eve is expected to be one of the coldest games Pittsburgh has played in decades.

How cold is it? According to the forecast, the “high” for Saturday is 12 degrees, and the lows are 8 degrees. However, wind gusts are expected to reach over 20 mph at points throughout the night, and the actual “on” temperature is expected to be below freezing.

Head coach Mike Tomlin referred to the acknowledgment of the frozen elements in Tuesday’s press conference, describing the coming elements as an important element that will affect how either team plays Saturday night. However, Tomlin noted that his team would not run from the cold, but rather run to it, exemplifying a “don’t seek comfort” mentality.

You can pass off OLB TJ Watt as the one player who doesn’t plan on getting caught out in the cold.

Just like the way Bane from The Dark Knight Rises He told Batman that he was born in the dark and his form, Watt did the same with the cold. Being born in Wisconsin, Watt has experienced freezing temperatures in the Arctic since he was a child. He took that to Pittsburgh where the weather can be brutal during the winter months and often get hot in nothing but T-shirt cut at temperatures below zero.

In fact, just two years ago, Watt and his brothers completely immersed themselves in the cold just as Bane did with the darkness, cutting a hole in a section of a frozen lake and using it as an ice bath. According to ESPN’s Brooke Pryor, Watt said that moment was cooler than anything he expected to feel on Saturday night in Pittsburgh.

“You definitely want to be the one who gets the hits in games like this,” Watt said in regards to the freezing temperatures Friday in a video from Chris Adamski’s Twitter page.

Watt learns what cold brings to a football match. Blows hurt much more. Grass is unforgiving when you fall on the frozen ground. To make matters worse, you feel a sharp, biting sensation any moment you stand still, making the sidelines the last place you want to be in a game like this.

There is no doubt that the weather on Saturday night will be severe. For many unprepared for the freezing elements, it will be a slap in the face that can directly affect their performance. However, TJ Watt isn’t planning on getting affected by the cold. He was born and raised in it, applied it in his training and recovery, and fully embraced it in every black-and-gold moment.

Look for Watt to bring the Heat on Saturday night as the Steelers try to honor legend Franco Harris on the 50th anniversary with an immaculate reception.

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