Can the Bears give the Eagles a game?

Bears smell at all. They’ve lost six players in a row, have a few good players and most of them are out or won’t be 100%. But anything can happen in the NFL. Jeff Saturday won a match. The Vikings have a worse point differential than the Jaguars but they win twice. Things happen, and they might happen on a Sunday. The bears are going to be out on their farewell, home, and it’s going to be really cold – the elevation will be 26. They have a few things that might help them make this game closer than it should be.

Justin Fields legs

The Bears offense is a poor man’s version of the Eagles’ 2021 offense. Their leading rusher is a QB, and because of limitations in the passing game — the Bears are much stronger than the Eagles — they don’t throw the ball as often. The last tackles were the 2021 Eagles, as were the 2022 Bears. Although the Eagles were 31 behind, the Bears are currently 21 behind.

The best chance of winning it is with a Fields run on an Eagles defense that has struggled against the run for much of the season. Is not an unreasonable hope? There aren’t many QBs who would recommend anything like Fields, but Kyler Murray comes closer than most of them. Murray ran the ball three times in the fourth quarter against the Eagles for 13, 15, and 9 yards, contributing to a touchdown drive and field goal attempt to tie the game. In the previous three quarters, he had only run the ball once, and that was in the third quarter. Why didn’t the Cardinals use his legs more? You don’t want Murray to run it eight times every week, but why not test first-half defense when you’re under 14?

The Eagles have to get away from the Bears, but a sub-zero road game against a QB who makes a fly with his legs is a good recipe for making what should be a close game. And Fields will test them, he has run the ball at least 6 times per game, an average of 11 times per game. Fields had five games with 80+ rushing yards, four of which were single plays. He had six games where he averaged over 7 yards a carry, four of which were a 1-scoring game and one was a 9-point game. This is how bears keep close.

The road games were close games for the Eagles

Holding on to this Cardinals game for a moment, it was one of the many Eagles of road games that gave them more trouble than they should have. Playing worse on the road—or for a team like the Eagles, and playing better at home—is nothing out of the ordinary. At 6 home wins, the Eagles are +88, at 6 road wins, +61, 4.5 points per game better at home. It’s no big surprise that the Eagles are much better at home. But in other words, they had one home game decided by one score, but three on the road.

Keep your friends close

No one has bettered Nick Siriani so far this season. Can an ex-colleague change that? Bears head coach Matt Epiflos and Siriani joined the Colts in 2018. Epiflos was hired as defensive coordinator by Josh McDaniels before McDaniels turned down the head coach position hours after being announced as head coach, while Siriani was hired as offensive coordinator by Frank Reich. .

This is grasping at straws, but this is how bears play. They don’t have the highest aptitude of running back in Khalil Herbert and their number one future in Darnell Mooney; and perhaps the second and third most productive receivers at Equanimeous St. Louis. Brown and Dante Pettis.

Oh who am I kidding. If there’s an inside edge that one of these trainers should have, it’s Sirianni. The offense he runs isn’t the same as the Colts’, and that offense wasn’t all Siriani anyway. Meanwhile, the Colts defense has been Eberflus everything, and although he has more experience as an assistant coach, this is Eberflus’ first year as a head coach. And last week, Sirianni confronted former mentor Brian Dabul, and he didn’t go easy on him at all. Maybe he should have made an early start and instead the Eagles scored twice in the last 6 minutes. Good luck died!

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