Parents slammed for letting their child ‘run crazy’ on the flight: ‘This is why I hate kids’

Perhaps one social media watchdog summed it up best: “My parents would kick me off the plane mid-flight.”

Wild footage of a young boy terrorizing a plane full of passengers has garnered millions of views – and sparked heated debate about how parents should “handle” the situation.

The now-viral footage was first posted to the popular “Public Freakout” section of Reddit on Wednesday under the headline “Kids allowed to get away during an 8-hour flight,” prompting nearly 20,000 “votes” and comments like “This must be an advertisement for condoms” and “This is why I hate children, especially this infant age.”

The shot shows the pig-tailed Infernal kicker – “believed to be from the US” on board an unknown airline – aggressively jumping up and down atop a tray table, causing the male passenger to sit in the seat directly in front of her.

Though he seemed to be keeping his patience with — according to one Reddit commenter — the “little brat,” angry viewers didn’t do such a thing, churning out piles of parenting advice instead.

“I may be awful, but I never wanted my tray table to fail as disastrously as I could watch,” one annoying commenter quipped. “The poor thing is in front.”

Another Reddit rabble exclaimed: “I would never allow one of my kids to disrupt someone like that. Talking a little loud is one thing. Having your kid hop on airplane seats while clinging to someone else’s (strangers’) chair is totally wrong. I hope the guy It may have been compensated in some way. The parents probably didn’t see anything wrong with this. Unacceptable!!!”

One got straight to the patriarchal point: “I would feel like a failed parent if my kids were doing it and I was upright in allowing it,” while another considered in-flight sanitation standards: “Obviously bouncing is infuriating but so is barefoot on the tray table.” …always scan people at your stations.”

Angry viewers shared a wealth of parenting advice in the now-viral video series.
Reddit / PublicFreakouts

Meanwhile, some justice warriors on social media tried to blame the cabin crew: “Didn’t the flight attendants intervene?” one commenter asked. “If that’s the case, I hope this passenger got some compensation from the airline.”

Ironically, a flight attendant went viral this week by revealing who she and her co-workers consider the “most hated passengers” on flights: And they aren’t annoying kids.

In fact, it’s often the frustrated people who complain about the misbehavior of the kids who put the “ass” in the “rider,” according to Kat Kalamani, a six-year veteran of the friendly.

Amidst incessant stories of an airplane passenger’s nightmare, this former US flight attendant clears the air from the most annoying flyers–which, contrary to popular belief, isn’t crying babies. In fact, the passengers who annoy cabin crew the most are the people who do nag About crying babies, she claimed in a clip that has nearly two million views.

“I promise, there is nothing that annoys us more as a flight attendant [than] When people complain about babies crying,” Kalamani said. Accompanying footage shows an angry Karen on an undisclosed flight silencing a child who throws a tantrum off-screen.

While these passengers may see themselves as the heroes of the trip, they are actually annoying both staff and fellow travelers, according to The Post’s earlier coverage of its clip.

Instead of frowning about screaming babies, Kalamani suggests preparing upset passengers by bringing along “noise-canceling headphones”—or perhaps (gasp) politely “ask the parent if they need help.”

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