What’s next for Luke Fickell and the Badgers?

Early signing day passed, and new coach Luke Fickell didn’t fail to impress in his first efforts with the Wisconsin Badgers.

Overall, Wisconsin has added 20 players in the current cycle: 14 through scholarships, four walk-ons, and transfers.

Fickel and his staff managed to maintain many of the scholarships from the previous system, while adding several key pieces in need positions, including four-star defensive backs Amari Snowden and Braidden Moore, as well as Trek Keikohana, who flipped in the 11th hour. from arizona after meeting with fickle approx.

With first signing day over, what are the next steps for Fickell and the Badgers?

offensive line

In his press conference Wednesday on National Signing Day, Luke Fickell acknowledged he wants to add extra bodies in the forward line room after only one player on scholarship, James Durand, has committed so far.

As for why Fickell wasn’t tempted to add more pieces, the head coach stressed the importance of not rushing the process and instead completing a thorough evaluation to find the best fit for Wisconsin.

One potential name to watch? OL Joe Crocker, who recently dropped out of Mississippi.

Crocker was a target for the former staff, who had initially forced a verbal commitment from linebacker Christopher Terek, but were left unselected after the latter backed out following a coaching change.

Crocker had made multiple visits to Wisconsin previously, and Fickel stressed the importance of keeping players in the program, praising the efforts the former regime took in scouting these recruits.

wide future

A secondary offensive position that Fekel might be looking to target? wide future.

Despite re-acquiring Markus Allen after entering the transfer gate and flipping Trech Kekuhana, Fickell can still add bodies to the site pool.

Currently, the Badgers are one of the teams in the mix for Chicago senior receiver Malik Elzy, who plans to make his selection to the All-American Bowl in January.

It will be interesting to see if Fickell remains with his current group of receivers or looks to add another player, given that Wisconsin’s top three players are all returning in 2023.

defense line

The defensive line was one of the weakest areas in Wisconsin’s recruiting class, as the Badgers failed to obtain a single scholarship player in the early signing period.

Wisconsin initially made commitments from Roderick Pierce and Jamaal Howard under the previous staff, but both did not commit after the coaching change, and the former has already committed to Michigan.

The Badgers are still in the mix for Howard, who is expected to make up his mind closer to his second signing day, but Fickel said the team will look to add two position players in the next recruiting cycle.

As for why there weren’t two spots, Fikle offered the same reasoning for the offensive line: The coaching staff didn’t want to rush decisions and sign players who weren’t necessarily the best fit for the program.

However, Wisconsin defensive end Manny Mullins, Badgers defensive brother Isaiah Mullins, and two defensive ends added some depth to the program.

While Fickel has remained adamant about his call for building through high school recruits rather than a transfer portal, don’t rule out the latter option in the short term.

For each of the aforementioned positions, Fickel said the team could add a younger body through the transfer portal, recognizing the need for proper alignment with the program.

With the excitement built over the first few weeks of the Fickel era, it will be interesting to see how the new Wisconsin coach rounds out the roster and his coaching staff in the coming weeks.

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