New images reveal John Malkovich’s vulture wings from Spider-Man 4

New images reveal John Malkovich’s vulture wings from Spider-Man 4

Before Michael Keaton brought the Eagle to life Spider-Man: Homecoming In 2017, the character had a few previous brushes with live-action glory. In late 2009, John Malkovich was reported to be playing Adrian Toomes in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4. Unfortunately, the film’s cancellation delayed the character’s theatrical debut by nearly a full decade. And while comics featuring Vulture have come out in the years since, longtime Marvel and DC writer/artist Ken Penders has come up with something even more exciting.

Unless you count the original Spider ManIn the video game, Tobey Maguire’s head didn’t entangle Vulture on screen. But thanks to Penders, we have a better idea of ​​what Malkovich would have looked like in the classic villain. According to Penders, he got an early look at the character’s wings while visiting some friends in the sequel’s costume department. Fortunately, he took some pictures with his cell phone that day. You can check out one of these picks below.

Sony officially announced Spider-Man 4The cancellation took place in early 2010. But even though filming never really started, Penders’ photos confirm that the sequel has made quite a bit of progress during pre-production. In fact, some of his other photos show Malkovich’s body mold in the background. Penders also shared that the wings’ movements could have been controlled remotely, suggesting the filmmakers were going the practical effects route (similar to Doc Ock’s claws in Spider-Man 2).

Malkovich wasn’t the first actor to originally play the eagle Spider Man Triple. Raimi and the producers also met with Ben Kingsley about getting involved Spider-Man 3, whose early drafts had Toomes join The Sandman of Thomas Haden Church. But once they decided to use Venom instead, the writers cut Vulture from the script.

Recently, Keaton has reprized it homecoming plays a role Morbiusmid-credits scenes earlier this year. But due to viewer’s lukewarm reception (combined with the film’s poor financial performance), the character’s future on the big screen remains unclear.

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