Brit helps deliver the baby on Christmas Day – and Maxie gets a supernatural family reunion

Laura meets Jordan in her office, and they talk about a catastrophic storm that hit last night, blocking several roads.

Laura talks to Jordan about the storm

At The Quartermaine’s, Austin helps Brook Lynn clean up after the Christmas morning frenzy. Brock Lane says Leo loved Austin’s gift, a video game about marine biology. Olivia jokes that she may never see her son again. Austin thanks Olivia for letting him stay here, and says no one should be alone at Christmas.

NEd and Olivia kiss GH

Ned asks Olivia if she has made enough food for another guest. She believes there is always room for someone else. Suddenly Cody appears at the front door, trembling and in trouble. Cody comes over, and tells Olivia and Ned that the roads are completely closed off, so no one is in or out today. Olivia asks about his plans, and he admits he was supposed to go into town for dinner. Olivia insists he stay.

Kodi is a big problem GH

Ned tells Olivia they don’t have enough to eat, so she says she’ll get some pasta and lasagna. She runs into the kitchen, and Ned tells Cody that Leo will be glad to see him. Austin thinks he’s been replaced like this. Austin suspects BLQ has over the moon that Cody is a favorite because they didn’t get along with him, and now he and Maxie are done. She knows what it’s like to tell some white lies when she thinks it’s for the greater good.

Austin and BLQ Chat GH

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TJ and Molly arrive unexpectedly. They explain that they were out caroling when they got stranded. Olivia invites them in and tells them to get comfortable.

At Nina’s, Britt heads outside after opening gifts because she’s working, a polar bear gets drunk, and meets Brad in the soup kitchen. Obrecht takes her daughter out into the hall and tells her that she doesn’t have to act like this is her last birthday. Britt knows that it is not, but how much you will be able to live to the fullest. Obrecht suggests that she lives each day as if it were her first, so she never loses sight of the magic around her.

Obrecht recommends Nina GH

Back at Nina’s place, Maxie thinks she should go too and doesn’t want to miss her flight. Naina asks how is she looking at the breakup. Maxie says it was for the best and going to Portland to see Georgie will help. Suddenly she receives a message that her flight has been cancelled.

Maxi bad news GH

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In Portland, Spinelli brings Georgie to see Ellie for Christmas. She thanks Spinelli because she missed her last year. Spinelli says she will always be the father of Georgie III. He also thanks her for including Maxie tonight to which Georgie is overjoyed. Ellie thinks Georgie won’t be happy just seeing her. Spinelli says maybe she can invite this new guy she’s been seeing too. Later, Maxie’s video calls them and brings them the news that her flight has been canceled until tomorrow. Upset, Georgie flees to her room.

Spinelli and Ellie talking Maxie GH

Ellie returns to what she nursed before and believes Spinelli has fallen in love with Maxie again. He admits that he thought her being here at Christmas could bring them back together as a family, but maybe it just isn’t meant to be. Ellie’s Christmas is a time of miracles.

Ellie confronts Spinelli about Maxie GH

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Back at Nina’s, Obrecht goes back inside and finds out that Maxie’s flight has been cancelled. Maxie laments that she needed this and so did Georgie. Obrecht thinks there are other options for her to explore, and they’ll take her to Portland. Nina makes calls, and some private hangars operate across the border that the Crimson uses. Maxie asks if she knows anyone who owns a plane in the hangar.

Maxie calls Brooke Lynn and tells her about her predicament. She hopes one of the planes in the Toronto hangar will have her family’s name on it. Austin finds out about Maxie’s problem, and Brooke Lynn says that while she has a plane, the ways are blurred. Austin has an idea of ​​how to get Maxie to Canada. He calls Mason for a favor and tells him to bring a boat to the dock.

BLQ in GH function

Meanwhile back at the Quartermaine Hotel, Olivia is startled when the doorbell rings and finds a pregnant woman who looks like Mary standing there. She exclaimed: “Holy Mother of God!” The woman explains that she was part of a live birth and couldn’t get home because the roads were closed. She asks if she can stay until an engagement flight shows up. Olivia tells her the more the merrier.

Back at Nina’s, Maxie gets a call from Brook Lynn telling her the plane is hers, but she must take a boat to Canada. She tells her to take her spoils to the pier.

Everyone in the Quartermaines has finished dinner and Olivia thinks the rest of the arrabiata sauce is well gone. Ned notices that it is very hot sauce and there is a very pregnant woman in the living room. Olivia thinks this is an old wife’s tale until the woman goes into labour.

Everyone pulls together to help the woman give birth, and Molly points out that TJ is a doctor and can help. Austin walks in after having a drink, and Olivia tells him to come over here and help too.

woman in labor GH

Later, Austin pulls Cody aside and tells him there is a problem and the baby has been compromised. He says this woman needs a trained pediatrician.

Sonny finds Sasha working in Brando’s garage. She explains that the garage is being sold, and Brando’s decision for 2022 was to finish his bike by 2023. Sonny decides to lend her a hand and thinks they can do it by dinner.

Sasha's Sonny GH ABC bike

Brett shows up later. She explains that her car went around the road, and that was the only open place she could find. Sasha says it’s not open, but she can hang out until Triple-A comes over. Brett laments, “This is not how I wanted to spend my last Christmas in Port Charles.” Sasha asks if she is going somewhere. She explains that she just had plans to get out of town. Suddenly Cody called, and Brett reluctantly answered and asked what he wanted. He tells her of the Virgin Mary who was about to give birth in Quartermaine, and she wonders how much eggnog he has. Austin takes the phone and tells Brett that she needs her help, and no car or ambulance can go through these roads. Suddenly, Sasha and Sonny start Brando’s bike to start.

Not how Brit imagined Christmas GH

Back at The Quartermaines, Sasha and Brett retreat into the backyard and hop on top of Monica’s bed. Britt says she hears a baby needs to be delivered.

Britt helps deliver the baby safely, and the woman decides to name the little girl Noel. She also names her Britta after the doctor who helped her deliver, Britta Noel. Brett is touched.

BLQ tells Austin that she never thanked him for what he did for Maxie. She says he may have some reforming qualities that she overlooked.

Eventually, Jordan and the academics show up, and she is surprised to find TJ there because she thought she wouldn’t see him today. Jordan explains that the traffic is starting to move, so TJ thinks they should get their hair out. Ned suggests that after the day they’ve had, everyone should stay and celebrate together.

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Scott has a snowball fight with Liz’s kids outside the house. Inside, Liz looks at a picture of herself and the kids, of herself with Finn and Violet. Cam asks his mom if everything is alright because she has been quiet about Finn. Liz assures him she is fine. She asks if Gus is stopping, but he says her car still broke down.

Upset Liz GH

Scott heads inside and Cam comes out to play with his brothers. Scott tells Liz that he is worried about her and Laura. She admits she’s spent most of the Christmas holidays without her parents, but this year it feels final. He tells her that Jeff is an idiot, and even though Franco is gone, she is still Baldwin. a hug.

Liz and Scott J

Laura later arrives to check on Liz and support her. they embrace. Liz realizes that instead of focusing on the parents who weren’t there, she should have focused on the ones who were always here for her. Scott, Laura and Liz hug.

Later, Obrecht arrives with a mistletoe on top of her head, and Scott pulls her in a kiss. Elsewhere, Sonny arrives at Nina’s place.

Liz and Laura J

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Maxie arrives at an airport in Alberta, after the plane that took off in Toronto is forced to land. An attendant told her about this storm that there were no planes taking off tonight.

Maxie calls Spinelli and leaves a message, asking why he isn’t answering his phone. Suddenly Spinelli and Georgie appear. He explains that they have flown to Canada to drive to Port Charles. They are all happy to see each other and share a group hug. They open gifts while eating at Airport Pizza.

Airport reunion for Maxie GH

Back in Canada, Ellie gets a call from the guy she had just started dating, Griffin Monroe!

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