Taylor Swift’s controversial interview at the Oscars is a bit of a faux pas

The year has been full of surprises from some of our biggest stars. However, no one would have expected Taylor Swift to sit across from Martin McDonagh and contemplate the symbolism behind Brendan Gleeson’s severed fingers in the director’s latest film. and the Banshees from Inishnerin. (Spoiler alert: there are none).

This funny conversation happened unintentionally during our first one-on-one session diverse’s directors series in the directors series that showcases Swift, her well (short film) — and apparently everything else I’ve worked on this year — and McDonagh, for Banshee.

When it was announced that these two directors, let’s just say, uneven Experience levels will start the chain, Twitter seemed to be on par puzzled And the Upset By listing the Grammy Award Winner.

On the one hand, Swift’s blistering Oscar campaign for Best Short Film could be said to be ridiculous, since the movie could be considered a stellar music video. (Not to mention, Swift never earned a songwriting nomination, despite several bids.) On the other hand, some people think that diverse She should have given her place to a more deserving female director, like the legitimate Best Director nominee Sarah Polley, who helped The woman speaks. (I’d argue that a conversation between Swift and the first-time director of after the sun Charlotte Wells was delightful.)

However, award campaigns are inherently fraudulent and paid for, and Swift’s inclusion brings with it tons of attention, article clicks, and YouTube conversation views. I’d argue that they could have replaced Tyler Perry, Joseph Kosinski, and James Cameron with female directors as well, but I digress. Let’s go back to crossing these two brilliant minds!

While these two authors claim to share a mutual connection through Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge – and they’re studio mates, like Searchlight, distributed Banshee, would produce Swift’s just-announced output feature – they seemed, on paper, to be an odd coupling. So what did they say about each other’s work? Shocker: They both think each other’s movies are great!

Of course, Swift, who loves to tell other artists how much she likes them, seemed well versed in McDonagh’s cinematic (and theatrical) world. Perhaps the most surprising revelation from this nearly hour-long conversation is that Swift is apparently a huge fan of McDonagh and “loved” his 2017 movie. Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri– He is crazy. Not only because this movie (in this writer’s opinion) is bad, but because it’s hard to imagine Swift, an ardent lover of fairy tales, enjoying something ridiculous and dark. But she probably got away with a more hopeful style than all the police brutality and white people yelling at each other. On the other hand, she is noticeably a fan of revenge…

Sure enough, the “Anti-Hero” singer was shocked Banshee, which is arguably the sweetest movie, except for the story about Gleeson cutting off all his fingers with a pair of sheep shears. So much so that in conversations with her friends she wondered if his disembodied fingers had a deeper meaning.

“I spoke to a friend of mine who is a therapist,” she said. And she would say, “If someone brought me this dream and said, ‘I want to cut off my finger,’ she would say, ‘You feel like your vitality is cut off by a part of life and this art represents the fingers. What do you think of the fingers being symbolic?’”

McDonagh quickly replied, “I don’t know.” “I just thought it was funny.”

Granted, it wasn’t an outright stupid question, but it was hurtful of Swift’s obsession with growing Easter eggs in all of her pictorials.

Swift and McDonagh’s creative differences and their methods of portraying violence were equally talked about when Swift released the music video for against the hero Where it shines.

“It’s kind of a metaphor for not feeling like a normal person,” she explained. “There must be something wrong with me. They are all examples of disordered thinking.”

Michael Schwartz for Variety

This is exactly what I think is going on with my insides when I think I’m wrong with me. Reeds are garnish! Anyway, what else is going on in this somewhat boring conversation that seems to have taken place on the set of Nancy Meyers? The two mention another famous Phoebe – musician Phoebe Bridgers – when Swift brings up actress Sadie Sink and prepares her for well.

“With Sadie, it was very similar, having some conversations with her about how she likes to work in these kind of intense, emotional scenes,” Swift said. “And I think she does a lot of the prep work on her own. But she also had this song that she says always makes her cry, Phoebe Bridgers’ “Savior Complex,” which your partner actually directed in the video.”

McDonagh agreed: “Yes.” “I did vibe. Both vibes.”

“So here’s another tie,” Swift said.

Installation stuff! Aside from Swift’s well-spoken insights about her creative process and her love for it souvenir Movies, this conversation wasn’t giving fans much to chew on. Swift and McDonagh aren’t exactly the weird and fun pairing I was expecting. These are simply two friends who have a loyal understanding of each other’s work and have been to dinner at least 5 times. Obviously, the end goal of this is for Swift to accept herself with movie fans and get the Oscar nomination she craves. However, like most of Swift’s projects, her filmmaking aspirations in this interview come off as an extension of her brand, which may not impress voters.

I highly recommend viewing Banshee Co-star Colin Farrell talks passionately about the stand-up donkey he worked with on set to Jamie Lee Curtis in diverseRather it’s a series of actors for actors.

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