What we learn as short-handed is crushed by swans

Neither Stephen Curry, nor Draymond Green, nor Klay Thompson, nor Andrew Wiggins added any chance of a Warriors victory Monday night in New Orleans.

Overrun from the start, the game trailed by less than 10 in the first six minutes and by the 24 after 11 minutes, the Warriors had absorbed a 128-83 battering by the Pelicans at the Smoothie King Center.

Four Warriors (8-10) scored in double figures, with a 26-point lead from Jordan Paul and 18 from Jonathan Cuminga.

Overall, this was about as bad as the Warriors could look. They had nearly twice as many assists (27) as assists (16).

Here are three notes from four starters seen in street clothes and the fifth, Kevon Looney, who only played five minutes:

Santa warriors play

Christmas may be 34 days away, but the Warriors didn’t want to wait long to get in the spirit of giving.

Then again, they were in New Orleans.

Golden State committed to 27 turnovers, and gave the Pelicans 31 points, surpassing the previous season’s high of 23 turnovers handed by the Warriors on their first trip to the Big Easy on November 4.

The Warriors wasted no time setting a charitable tone, as they committed seven first quarter gifts, which accounted for nine of the Pelicans’ 35 points in the first 12 minutes.

Everyone got in on the action, with rookie Ryan Rollins committing five in 16 minutes and Paul committing four in 27 minutes. Ten players took the field, all of whom were given at least two donations by Looney

The swans, playing almost at full strength, didn’t need any help. They got it anyway.

Mr. Flying Kuminga

Due to the length, speed, and game of the pelicans, this game has emerged to be one of Kuminga’s best attributes.

And the 20-year-old striker, in his second season, managed to show off his gifts several times, presenting high-quality video clips.

The first came in the second minute of the game, when athletic prodigy Zion Williamson grabbed a rebound and sailed on a coast-to-coast drive sure to end in an easy bucket. no. Cuminga chased him down and slapped the shot off the backboard.

The second came late in the second quarter, when Paul’s 3-point shot bounced high off the rim. Cumminga, who flew in from the flank, grabbed the ball with his right hand and pulled it through, with his hand narrowly missing the backboard.

JK finished with 18 points, three rebounds and a memorable moment.

Why wasn’t Weizmann?

While the NBA Golden State Warriors frolic in New Orleans, James Wiseman has been toiling in Salt Lake City with the G League Santa Cruz Warriors.

As much as resting the Warriors at the start, turning the game on players on and off the course, it didn’t make sense to give Wiseman a few minutes from the NBA.

When asked before the game if there was any consideration for bringing Wiseman into this game – rookies Patrick Baldwin Jr. and Ryan Rollins – coach Steve Kerr said there was no.

“No, not for tonight. We felt it was really important for him to get a really good stretch in Santa Cruz from training,” he said. “Practice is the big thing. When you get individual attention, like the guys in the G league do, it’s easier to make more progress than the stops and starts that happen during the NBA season when you’re not in the rotation.”

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It’s a logical explanation, on the surface, but it would have more credibility if the budding Warriors didn’t call up Patrick Baldwin Jr. and Ryan Rollins from Santa Cruz on Sunday night.

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