Ashley Judd says the clumsiness associated with grief led to her breaking her leg after her mother’s death

This story discusses suicide. If you or someone you know is considering suicide, please call the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 or 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Ashley Judd reportedly said on Wednesday that the grief-related clumsiness led to her breaking her leg earlier this year after her mother’s death.

The Double Jeopardy actress, 54, said during a conversation series jointly with friends of the UCLA Semmel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior that a “strange accident” caused a femoral condyle to fracture near the knee last summer just months after her mother, Naomi Judd. . , 76, died by suicide, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Judd said it was she who found her mother on April 30 at the country music star’s home in Tennessee.

The actress said her leg injury was not serious and healed in “two months of intermittent splitting” which actually made her pause for grief.

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Ashley Judd attends the 90th Annual Academy Awards at the Hollywood & Highland Center on March 4, 2018 in Hollywood, California.
(Photo by Fraser Harrison/Getty Images))

“That was what it was,” she said. “The clumsiness is related to grief, and there were other people in our family who, after my mom passed away, fell down stairs and had accidents, which is what happened to me. It really allowed me to grieve. It really allowed me to stop what I was working on in that moment and to grieve.”

Two years ago, the “High Crimes” star suffered a much more serious injury when she stumbled into a fallen tree while walking in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, smashing her leg in four places.

She also talked about how her friends helped her during the first days after her mother’s death.

Sisters Judd Ashley, left, and Winona, right with their mother, Naomi Judd, center.

Sisters Judd Ashley, left, and Winona, right with their mother, Naomi Judd, center.

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“The day my beloved mother committed suicide, I had a lot of people to call,” she said while speaking via Zoom at her Mom and Pop house in the same room with her 33-year-old stepfather Larry Strickland. “There were five women with me within moments of sharing that tragic news with them, and they are my chosen sisters. I was just thinking overnight. I had one of my overnight awakenings, and I was thinking about those early days after her death and how there was always someone with me in my house.”

She said that her partner was in Europe when this happened, and that he “traveled to Vienna to collect pop music,” which was also in Europe,” and takes him home. [because] Bob wouldn’t have been able to navigate that voyage across the Atlantic on his own. That was a real blessing.”

“But my friend slept with me in bed and held my hand all night. This is the value of society.”

Naomi Judd, Ashley Judd and Winona Judd during the Youth AIDS Gala on September 14, 2005 in Washington, DC

Naomi Judd, Ashley Judd and Winona Judd during the Youth AIDS Gala on September 14, 2005 in Washington, DC
(Photo by Louis Merry/WireImage)

Judd said she’s doing better as the six-year anniversary of her mother’s death approaches. She’s planning to see two Wynonna Judd concerts this weekend. Winona was supposed to tour with her mother before her death.

“I’m watching two concerts this weekend, which stirs up a lot of deep sadness, both of joy and sadness,” she said.

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She and Winona have denied rumors that they are “arguing” over their mother’s property after being excluded from her will.

“I feel like we’re connected in a very different way because I’m an orphan,” Winona told People magazine earlier this month. “My parents are gone, and I depend on Ashley. She depends on me in a different way that’s about empathy. It’s not about being successful, smart, and capable. It’s about ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you too.'” We are weak to each other, and we are thin.”

Ashley Judd coming

Ashley Judd attends Time’s Up during the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival at Spring Studios on April 28, 2018 in New York City.
(Photo by Astrid Stowers/Getty Images for the Tribeca Film Festival)

Ashley also discussed ignoring social media, which she expected would have some “vulgar” comments about how she gained weight as a result of her injury and grief.


“I’ve gained some weight, and I’m sure people are talking about it, but I don’t pay any attention to it because I know it’s a temporary condition and the weight will go away when it’s supposed to,” he said. “It’s not my business what people think of me. It’s not my business at all. I have healthy boundaries about it, but I also know misogyny is a real thing in our culture. You try to be very fit once a 54-year-old woman gains Some weight. That’s going to spark some sexual conversations between men and women and others in our culture.”

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