Dustin Colquitt doubles down on public criticism of Tommy Townsend

As if this week couldn’t get any wilderness, we now have kicker drama surrounding the Kansas City Chief.

After missing an extra point and a 51-yard field goal during a Week 15 30-24 overtime win over the Houston Texans, Kansas City placekicker Harrison Butker’s ranking in field goal percentage dropped to 30 — and now, only three kickers have the worst extra point percentage.

Since missing several weeks due to an ankle injury he sustained in Week 1, Butker hasn’t been his consistent self. Many questions continue to be asked about his health — and even his mental game.

But according to former Chiefs’ tackle Dustin Colquitt, at least some of the missteps are with punter Tommy Townsend, who serves as the holder of field goals and extra points.

The team’s squad issues have been well documented this season – but Townsend’s performance has been fine. He was named AFC Special Teams Player of the Month for September. He ranks second in yards per punt and leads the league in net yards per punt.

But this isn’t the first time questions have been raised about his ability to be Butker’s owner. From 2020 to 2021, Butker’s field goal percentage decreased from 92.6% to 89.3% as Townsend became the starting quarterback. In January of 2021 Chiefs resigned Colquitt to the practice squad with the goal of helping Townsend hold through their playoff run.

Colquitt appeared Tuesday morning on Kansas City Sports Radio. He described how important it was to hold on to a successful kick—and emphasized that this was the reason Kansas City brought him back to the practice squad.

He described Townsend as “a smart person”, saying that the advice he gave Townsend fell on deaf ears. Colquitt went on to say that while he believes Townsend is a great gambler – and has a bright future – his possession costs Butker. Colquitt said Buttaker is the godfather to his children – and he’s frustrated that he’s being blamed for missing out on kicks.


There was certainly enough smoke around Townsend’s stores to indicate that there was a fire. Dave Taub, the special teams coordinator, mentioned that there were problems—and the team brought Colkett back in to help.

However, it is easy to see that Colquitt may have some hard feelings for the Chiefs and Townsend. He has been a Kansas City contractor for more than a decade, staying with the team through some of the organization’s darkest days. There were times when he was the MVP on the roster—and after finally winning the Super Bowl, he was shown the door so a rookie could take his place. It also seems clear that Butker and Colquitt are very close in person, which complicates the situation further.

Taub said Butker might not be healthy this season. It’s very likely that the combination of bookings and Poetker’s health are the two main reasons he’s now going through his worst season. But if the possession is so bad that it could have been noticed on TV by its previous owner, there may be more to the story.

Either way, the Chiefs have a serious problem managing if their kicking game can’t be counted on through the rest of the season.

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