Moon Sisters: Kristin McPhee and Stevie Nicks bond on Unbreakable

create the Fleetwood Mac’s highlight centered on Christine McPhee’s crush on Stevie Nicks. By 1974, McPhee had been in the band for several years, joining shortly after marrying founding member John McPhee. She was the only girl in the guys’ squad, a dynamic she was used to.

Mick Fleetwood was the first band member to hear a Buckingham Nicks song and suggested he invite Lindsey Buckingham to be the new guitarist. But Buckingham told the group that he and the Knicks were a complete package.

“Mick came up to me and said, ‘They’ve got a girl here. You’re going to have to meet her and see if you like her,'” McPhee recalled in a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone. “And we met and I instantly fell in love with her.”

Nicks and Buckingham would officially join the band on New Year’s Eve, a life-changing decision for the entire group. From 1975 Fleetwood Mac Subsequently, the group will become one of the largest in the world. At the helm were three singers, each unique in their performance style and songwriting styles, but united in creating soulful rock music impressive with a pop sensibility that would take them to the top of the charts for over a decade until their first proper split. them at the end of the eighties.

Thanks to their decadent, drug- and alcohol-fueled tours and the dramatic double break-up that would inspire 1977’s Fleetwood Mac would break up and get back together again and again. Rumorsan album so popular that it topped paintingThe year-end rock charts just this year.

Defying it all, McVeigh and Nicks were a unifying female force in opposition to the overwhelming masculine energy of rock music of both the era and the band itself. Being a woman in music is to be constantly compared and only endorsed else women in music. Regardless of the genre, female performers are seen as competing in a tight competition where few are meant to succeed, even if they all bring something unique to the table.

But McPhee and Nix have found the secret, rejoicing in the fact that there is strength in brotherhood. They didn’t see each other as competition, mostly because they were so different from each other in almost every way. On stage they presented such unique energies and in the studio their styles diverged almost entirely. Together, they manage to play their disparate personalities over each other’s songs, providing each other’s yin to yang, depending on the track or day. They were not just musical allies but close friends, finding companionship and trust in each other as their relationships with their former boyfriends/bandmates threatened to derail everything.

“We were great on stage,” Nicks recalled. Rumors The era broke up in a joint interview with McVie in 2013. “But offstage everyone was so pissed off. Most nights Chris and I would go to dinner alone, downstairs at the hotel, with security at the door.”

The core of Fleetwood Mac’s success was the couple’s love and respect for one another. Nicks reiterated that McVeigh was her best friend in a heartfelt handwritten tribute following McVeigh’s untimely death this week. Over the years, Nicks has praised and celebrated what McVie was able to provide for her, especially during the early days of the band. Five years later, McPhee had the experience and wisdom she handily brought to the Knicks. And they provided crucial emotional support during the most difficult times.

“She was my therapist and my go-to person for just about everything,” Nix said. Vogue magazine in 2020. “We had each other to get through this really tough situation where no one was going to leave the band. Christine and I kept everything together by telling the three guys, ‘Quit because we ain’t stopping.’” Thank God she had it, but on the other side of the So, thank God she had me.”


While Fleetwood Mac’s story has given us romantic turmoil for the ages, it has also given us a true and great love story. It was the love between two best friends, an unbreakable bond that made everyone around them stronger.

As Nix said: “We were truly a force of nature.”

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