Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Competition Model About His Testicles

The defense strategy of Harvey Weinstein at his sex crimes trial in Los Angeles took another interesting turn on Wednesday — this time accusing an Italian model standing on the catwalk of lying about the testicles of the toppled giant.

The model, identified as Jane Doe 1, told the Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday that Weinstein attacked her inside a Beverly Hills hotel room in 2013, forcing her to have oral sex, and attempted to penetrate her vagina with his fingers and penis. Finally, he masturbated in the bathroom after having an “erection problem”. After the attack, she said Weinstein “acted as if nothing had happened” before warning her not to tell anyone about the assault.

“I wanted to die. It was disgusting. It was humiliating, [and] unhappy. Jane Doe 1. said, “I remember how he was looking in the mirror and he was asking me to look at him. I wish this didn’t happen to me.”

But during cross-examination of witnesses, Weinstein’s legal team sought to punch holes in the shocking allegations — even if that meant talking about the former producer’s testicles in a public hearing. Defense attorney Alan Jackson revealed on Wednesday that by the time of the alleged accident, Weinstein’s testicles had been surgically moved to his inner thighs.

Jackson asked Jane Doe1 that the physical abnormality would make it difficult for her to allegedly comply with Weinstein’s demand to “play with his balls”. The defense attorney added, according to her interview with authorities in 2017, that she had put Weinstein’s testicles in her mouth.

“I was trying to do what he wanted,” she said, referring to her previous testimony in which she said she was afraid of Weinstein after he turned aggressive that evening.

Jane Doe1 also noted that Weinstein had “testicular problems” but insisted she had not changed her story about the abuse.

She added, “I described that he had a problem that it wasn’t his testicles but it was part of it.”

With that, I asked Jackson why she told the police about Weinstein’s testicles – but not to the grand jury. He also asked if she had “changed her story” after learning Weinstein “didn’t have any testicles in the scrotum” after his 1999 surgery between her first police interview and her grand jury testimony.

Former film producer Harvey Weinstein (left) interacts with his attorney Mark Werksman in court.

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Prosecutors took the time to redirect on Wednesday afternoon to question Jane Doe 1 again about Weinstein’s physique.

Under his belly, severe scar tissue. “It doesn’t look from the surgery that it’s not straight scars but rather some kind of spoiled tissue and a very bad scar,” she said, adding later that she didn’t know about Weinstein’s testicles until his attorney mentioned them. “He’s circumcised. He had an area like empty skin and it was like he only had one testicle or just two, ‘Because he was fitting his hand, it’s like discomfort, maybe like his testicles are coming in or he didn’t have a testicle.'”

As she continued describing his genitals, Weinstein placed a hand on his forehead, looking annoyed.

The model was the first to testify against Weinstein at his second sex-crime trial. Weinstein, 70, has pleaded not guilty to several charges, including rape, after allegedly assaulting five women in Los Angeles between 2003 and 2014. At least eight women are expected to testify against Weinstein, who was convicted of similar crimes in New York and is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence.

Prosecutors argued this week that Weinstein used his power in Hollywood to lure and sexually assault women under the guise of career development. Prosecutors said he used the same authority to ensure these women would remain silent about the alleged assaults. To substantiate this pattern of behaviour, prosecutors warned jurors that they would hear details – and photos – about Weinstein’s scarred genitals from several women who described “unique things about his body” after the surgery.

“This surgery has caused very noticeable scarring, and you’ll see the pictures,” Deputy Attorney General Paul Thompson said Monday. “Due to an infection, his testicles were actually taken out of the scrotum and placed in his inner thighs.”

However, Weinstein’s defense team insisted to jurors that the women taking the stand were liars and knowingly engaged in “sexual relations” with the once famous producer. Mark Werksman, one of Weinstein’s attorneys, has so far gone on to insist that Jennifer Seibel Newsom, who is due to testify in the case, would be “just another bimbo who slept with Harvey Weinstein going forward in Hollywood” if she wasn’t married to the California governor. Gavin Newsom.

But on Wednesday, jurors continued to hear Jane Doe’s allegations, which she said began after Weinstein unexpectedly appeared in her hotel room in February 2013. She said that after Weinstein offered her a massage, she was “kind of hysterical by crying” when in The end pushed her mouth toward his penis.

“I was freaking out,” she added, noting that Weinstein continued the assault even though he wasn’t always fully erect. The model said Weinstein asked her to stop but that she kept moving during the assault so he couldn’t “enter” her.

I was afraid for my life, I was afraid for my children. “I was afraid for my reputation,” she added.

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