Twitter reacts to the Seahawks’ frigid loss to the Chiefs with some cold snaps

It might have already happened, but it would be funnier if they actually won.

Regardless, the Seattle Seahawks lost a game to the Kansas City Chiefs that almost everyone predicted they would, and it still seems certain that this team isn’t going anywhere in 2022. That’s okay, because this team has exceeded expectations in some ways. Numerous, but the reality began. Not all pessimism, particularly regarding this team’s long-term prospects. But confidence fades quickly in the short term.

Tyler Lockett may have missed the game, but that didn’t stop him from sharing some of the emotion in the game.

Others shared the same sentiment, it seems.

The defense had a more respectable performance than many expected against a KC offense, and even if it was far from perfect, they weren’t the weakest link on the field today. Tarek Wolin is back again, as he always does.

It wasn’t all bad… Godwin Igwebuike looks like a pleasant mid-season surprise in the second leg.

Despite all the doom and gloom, the Seahawks still aren’t “Technically speaking“He is excluded from contention for the winnings… so I would say there is a chance.

Also, I hope this doesn’t describe your viewing situation:

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