Lian Li’s highly anticipated V3000 PLUS PC Case Launched Today With Triple 480mm AIO Cooling Support

LIAN LI declared in Twitter This morning, the company’s V3000 PLUS PC case, which is launching today, was released.

LIAN LI UNVEILS V3000 PLUS PC Chassis, Full Tower Dual PC Case with Triple 480mm Rad Support

First, let’s take a step back nine months ago to LIAN LI’s Youtube account, where the company was producing a 2022 digital showcase for users and fans of the brand.

The company showed LIAN LI Lancool III and V3000 PLUS during this first part of its two-part series. At about 6:30, they began to discuss the V3000 PLUS chassis in its entirety, reminding them that this bag is the largest chassis that the manufacturer provides to customers.

The chassis is large enough to accommodate two separate systems and a wide range of cooling configurations. Another feature mentioned is the ability of multiple power sources and storage options. Granted, that also depends on the design of the components.

The case is decked out in black with a thin RGB stripe shimmering on the front, giving an elegant and regal look to the theme and branding. However, this isn’t our first appearance in this situation. The company previously displayed the V3000 PLUS at the 2021 Digital Expo of LIAN LI, and some customers are frustrated that the issue has not been released yet. Twitter sneak peeks this morning give hope that this case will finally see the hands of the company’s fans.

Part of the delay from LIAN LI is the constant modifications to bring the best possible state to the users, while offering a lot of features. One of the changes to the case mentioned in the video is that the top and front mesh panels combine aluminum accents to give the case a more uniform and secure look. LIAN LI has also optimized the body panels for more efficient and efficient airflow.

The right panel is now tempered glass to match the left side panel, a feature that is becoming more popular with PC users. The reason is that the company limits the number of side fans added to the PC, which can affect the overall performance and power consumption. Both panels can be opened via the push-lock mechanism, eliminating the need for losing screws by simply removing the panels and snapping them back into place.

The rear allows the stand to be flipped to take advantage of a wider range of cooler and fan configurations, providing greater access for more users. LIAN LI also removed the remote control option as users felt the opportunity was unnecessary. Now, at the top of the case, the company has opted for several USB Type A ports, two USB Type C ports, HD Audio and Mic ports, and LED control buttons. To the right of the ports is a system switch with a power and reset button in the middle. The system switch will allow users to switch between the multiple systems within the case.

Users may not notice, but below the front of the case, the LIAN LI logo is projected onto the desktop surface, a feature uncommon for other brands and is a unique accent. Users can add up to four hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid state drives (SSDs) to the system under the main room near the power supply bay. However, users can move it to the main components room, next to the motherboard, if the user so chooses. Hot swappable memory can be added as a feature if users prefer this option for their drives.

Finally, four toolless SSD brackets have been added to accommodate slim SSD drives, which will be located below the main motherboard and far enough apart from each other to keep temperatures down. The video also announces that the case will be available in May, which has been pushed back until tomorrow. The reasons for the delay are not known, but this state of affairs is sure to please many computer users.

Pricing is unknown, but given the size and added features, it’s a safe assumption that the case will be premium for users at a significant cost. We’ll update you with pricing and more information after the ban releases tomorrow.

News sources: Lian Lee TwitterLIAN LI Youtube

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