As Zelda: Wind Waker turns 20, doesn’t Toon Link deserve a second chance?

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However, there are many who think otherwise. A video titled “Did You Know?” revealed that while the character continued to run well on the GameCube and GBA, the DS/3DS entries probably managed to get everyone to think the same way. [Careful, Jim – Ed.]

If you look at any kind of “best Zelda games” list, you’re unlikely to find Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks near the top of the pack. While there are some brave heroes striving to defend the two DS-exclusive entries (some NL cast members each have a certain nostalgic point), to say they helped sustain Toon Link’s existence would be a stretch. [Hmm. That train music, though! – Ed.]

When the Four Sword’s multiplayer gimmick returned to the 3DS’ underwhelming Tri Force heroes, it became clear that the frequent use of Toon Link was never going to stick over the years. The emergence of Smash Bros. and amiibo drops later, the prospect of seeing a Wind Waker-style Link on top of another entry seems to have sailed for a long time, especially after adopting an entirely new style for A Link Between Worlds and Grezzo’s Link’s Awakening remake on the Switch.

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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
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However, we might argue that the handful of less than glowing entries received starring the character aren’t enough to undo all the good things he’s done. Toon Link deserves to be given another chance.

After Wind Waker, this style of hero only appeared in the series’ handheld entries. Those who used it were generally Looked at (PH, ST, TFH), while those that weren’t were lauded (A Link Between Realms, the 3DS remake of the N64 pair and, we assume, Breath of the Wild and Link’s Awakening…and Skyward Sword HD somewhere in the middle). But times are changing, and with Nintendo always determined to blur the boundaries between portable and home consoles, the Toon Link has an opportunity to look better than ever.

The most likely scenario for Toon Link’s return comes with the Wind Waker HD remaster 100% sure Coming to Switch any day now (*gulp*). But despite his (soul) track record when it comes to starring bona fide video game masterpieces, Toon Link could Triumphant return in a brand new series entry. And we can’t help but think he should. It used to be great, and it can be again.

While the style does have some stinks smearing its good name [Now now, that’s quite enough of that – Ed.], the highlights are just too glowy for Nintendo to let those cat eyes gather dust for longer than necessary. Let’s take stylistics again, shall we Nintendo?

what do you think? Would you like Toon Link to return to the main Zelda franchise? Take a look at the following poll and then cruise to the comments and let us know!

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