Week 16 Nome Fantasy Football: Will the Giants air the game against the generous Vikings defense?

Let’s be honest about bedtime choices, they often make the most sense in the middle of fantasy season. You’re bobbing for goodbye weeks, you’ve got deeper needs on the list. Hopefully, most of your fantasy teams will get into the playoffs, and you’ll be ready for a lineup that basically plays itself.

However, we continue our quest. Perhaps these sleeper calls make more sense as DFS options, or encourage you to play a daily fantasy game. In deep leagues it might be a fancy start, but I want to be aware of how different the game looks this time of year.

There is no right and wrong way to digest this piece (or ignore this piece). It is up to you. Maybe it’s DFS advice, maybe it’s a prop game, or maybe it’s something to keep in mind as you set your playoff lineup.

Whatever the case, we’re in week 16.

Minnesota Giants pass

Minnesota is cruising towards the NFC North title, but it wasn’t thanks to pass defense. The Vikings have allowed the most yards in the NFC, handing out 7.9 YPA. Seven different players have had over 300 bouts against Violet, and while there are a few superstars on that list (Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray), this group also includes Jared Goff, Mike White, Mack Jones And the Teddy Bridgewater.

Minnesota citizens are among the friendliest in America. Apparently, the Vikings secondary captures that spirit.

Daniel Jones He’s got a few things working for him this week – bad offense defense, an inside game that’s safe from the elements and his rushing backboard (583 rushing yards and five rushing touchdowns). Part of it is survivor bias — just staying healthy — but Jones is sitting with this week’s QB11 entry. He did a masterful job leading the Giants to the playoffs.

It’s not easy calling a receiver from New York – no one in this group has more than two touchdowns. But Darius Slayton He averages 10.2 yards per target and 15.8 yards per catch. He’s going to get some deep looks for this high school senior. It only takes one long connection to make the weekend.

Gage key is Julius Jones Availability – If Jones can go, I wouldn’t go near Gage on a weekend. But Gage has three touchdowns in his last two games, and he posted a delicious 8-59-2 streak last week, on 12 goals. It is not easy to enter Tom Brady Circle of Trust, but Gage did.

Russell Gage Jr.  #17 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has fantasy value

If Julio Jones ever comes out again, Russell Gage becomes an interesting fictional option. (Photo by Theron W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Arizona’s defense is below average in most areas, including 20th in DVOA against a pass. And at least the Tampa Bay game in Arizona is weatherproof, one of the safe havens for Week 16. This call isn’t for the 8-team and 10-team leagues; But if you dig deep, Gage might make sense. Heck, at least add it to the list, so your opponents can’t do that.

There’s another sleeping angle to consider in this game—the Cardinals are historically terrible when it comes to tight end coverage. Unfortunately the Buccaneers are using several tight ends these days, however Kid Otton Smaller and more explosive than Cameron Pratt. If I had to speculate on a Tampa Bay tight end to make a great play, I’d put my stakes on Otton.

Leaders are brave against the run (4th in DVOA) but can be chased by air (15th in DVOA). And Purdy has been surprisingly effective since taking over Jimmy Garoppolo. During the three-game sample (and remember, he only started two of those games), he finished third in passer rating, seventh in completion percentage, and a QB9 in fantasy scoring.

It’s a shame Purdy won’t be Debo Samuelbut the Niners are not short of game makers. Christian McCaffrey is a property that attracts attention, George Keitel He spread his wings last week and Brandon Ayuk It is a receiver plus.

Purdy was an unknown pre-season, nobody on my radar. It doesn’t matter now. It’s someone you can proactively start at week 16.

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