Week 16 Fantasy Football Stats Book: Can Gardner Minshaw Keep the Eagles WRS Rolling?

Jalen Hurts Not being able to play this week, and maybe next, is a huge blow to the Eagles and fantasy football gamers alike. Hurts has been one of the top difference-makers in both real and fake games this year. It is the centripetal force in the Eagles attack. The unit revolves around his skill set.

Luckily, when it comes to featuring Philly traffic stars, we’ve got a movie about Hurts’ backup. Gardner Minshaw He started two games last year and averaged 8.0 adjusted yards per attempt. I’m not some “Minshew should be a freshman” fact but he is undoubtedly a capable NFL reserve player.

Minshew is very different in style from the Eagles’ main man.

Hurts has been on fire as a passer this year, especially on the go routes, as he has been one of the most productive shooters in the league. As I discussed with AJ Brown On Ekeler’s Edge two weeks ago, it helped reveal a hidden power in the game of future superstars:

That cry you’re hearing now is Alf’s final gasps of bad and hilarious off-season about Hurts’ passing ability.

Minshew is more focused in the middle of the field than Hurts. Less than 45 percent of Mincio’s career assists have gone outside the numbers.

Dallas Goedert He had his best game of the 2021 season as a starter in Mincio against the Jets last year, going for 100 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Slant lines running through the middle of the field are perfectly aligned with the tight end position. Goedert goes back in time this week.

However, just because Goedert is back doesn’t mean anything negative for the top two receivers. This is the most focused passing game in the league. Last week, Brown W Devonta Smith went over 100 yards; No pass catchers cleared the last 10. There’s plenty of room for Goedert to recombine and get those two wides where they need to go.

Even if Minshew doesn’t take as many sideline shots to Brown as Hurts does, we have reason to believe he’ll be effective when Do Take them. Minshew completed 69.6% of his career throws outside the numbers on 24 touchdowns to just four picks.

This is a worthwhile stat for Smith as well, especially against Dallas.

Cowboys It has a major weakness in the corner On the other side Trevon Diggs. It was a problem all season that has become a very problem since then Anthony Brown He came out with a torn Achilles tendon. Jaguars went after Kelvin Joseph over and over as if it was last week’s “Where’s Waldo” game. Jones costume He really displayed what had been a problem for Dallas all year: a production imbalance between opposing teams’ top receivers.

Smith is an underappreciated talent. It’s a 1B receiver for the Browns, not a second fiddle. We’ve seen him make a lot of plays for this team more frequently this season. I could see him leading the team in receiving yardage in this crucial NFC East game.

All of this leads to a quarterback being replaced. Minshew is a different quarterback than Hurts but more than good enough to keep the ship afloat. And this ship is so well built that the skill position players, offensive line and call play could be the waves that crown Minchu in the top 10 quarterbacks this weekend.

Baker Mayfield totaled 4.1 yards per attempt in Week 15

He only ranked first Desmond Reader, Mack Jones, Tyler Huntley And both Cardinals quarterbacks. We hope we don’t have to act like it’s some revelation anymore.

Driving the Rams down the field, Mayfield had a game-winning touchdown of 98 yards against a sloppy Raiders defense right after joining the team with a stellar touchdown. But it doesn’t erase the truth of who he is as a player, nor should it change the narrative about him as a quarterback.

Far from stretching in 2020 in a well-crafted ecosystem, he wasn’t just a plus player in the job. Mayfield has been a bad quarterback at Carolina this year. He will probably be a bad quarterback for the rest of the season in Los Angeles.

If you want to let your in-laws know how little you appreciate their presence at your holiday gatherings this weekend, keep them glued to the TV during Broncos vs. Rams in the middle of Christmas Day.

It’s not hard to get excited about Elvin Kamara this week. He hit his best rushing performance since Week 6, and few run defenses have been as generous as his Week 16 opponent, the Cleveland Browns.

However, the fact that the Saints seem so eager to run his backups has me at least raising my eyebrows.

I can get a trusted maven Mark Ingram Getting reps for him, to a degree, but for the Saints to use Kamara’s coaching staff David Johnson on the passing game is another matter.

This is correct; during Camara In the fleeting Toy. Few running backs have been more prolific than him as a receiver over the past five years. Something is out there.

Fantasy cap Alvin Kamara will be greatly hampered if the Saints reduce his passing role. (Photo by Theron W. Henderson/Getty Images)

You can still pitch Kamara for a solid outing against the Browns in a bad weather game because he has to moonwalk to an 18-20 carry minimum. However, there is something else going on between the Saints and their star. At least, that’s what their use of the player all season suggests.

Drake London leads all pass catchers since Week 13 with a 46% share of team goals

Yes, he has the advantage of only playing two games in this stretch, but we’ll take what we can get with positive volume stats.

I think Arthur Smith has received a lot of criticism from fantasy directors this year. He engineered a great passing game with good and efficient plays; He was hampered by poor play in the middle. However, I will admit that I would have liked to have seen London appear more consistently throughout the season after a strong start, but we have come back to that point here in recent weeks.

London looks set to boom this week too if volume holds. Crows ruled out like veterans Marcus Peters And the Cale Campbell And he’s already allowed up five yards per attempt on throws for receivers lined up at wide.

Desmond Reader It’s still a big question mark but this game should still be close with Baltimore’s offense unable to make many scoring drives. That should keep Ridder in a neutral or positive game script and allow the Falcons offense to run on schedule. When they put the ball in the air, you will be in the fifth position.

Gino Smith ranks 15th in the EPA per dip since Week 10

It feels like things are going down a bit for the Seahawks over the past month. Geno Smith deserved his Pro Bowl nod, and his regression from one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the NFL to mere mediocrity is no big deal.

Recently, however, we’ve seen that when the Seahawks’ passing game isn’t so hot, the rest of the roster just isn’t ready to step up the process. The running game has really come to a halt since then Kenneth Walker She hit a wall and then got hit. The defense did not find its foundation. It’s hard to imagine the passing game returning to its most efficient form then Tyler Lockett Not in the field.

The Seahawks now have a 31% chance of making the playoffs, according to FiveThirtyEight. This feels right. It was a successful discovery season for Seattle in the first year without him Russell Wilson But it doesn’t look like it’s going to end up in a magical playoff run.

Jahan Dotson leads Washington with a target share of 28% in the past two weeks

He ranks second in target share at 22.4% behind only a Pro Bowler Terry McLaurin. It’s going to be tough to play Dotson – or almost any captain – this week in a tough 49ers game but he’s been playing great lately.

Personally, I love that Dotson sticks to everyone who has size-based biases about receiver placement.

If I told you that the receiver was a dealer on the field who was in control of contested goals, especially in the red zone, you might consider some 6-foot-3, 220-pounder. No. She’s just a 6-foot-1, 180-pound old Dotson. What a great player.

JK Dobbins leads the NFL with 245 yards in the past two weeks

The Ravens running back said he didn’t have his explosive power all the way back, but he was stuffing the stat sheet nonetheless. Dobbins still breaks up about his pregnancy Gus Edwards He was surrounded by a bad pass that didn’t stop him. It won’t slow him down this week either.

Dobbins had a great game in Week 15 against Cleveland but this week’s round against Atlanta was just as smooth. The Falcons ranked 31st in accelerated success rate this year. A passing game may be able to find some open lanes against this defense. It will also help Dobbins’ efforts as he looks to post his third quick result of the year.

Saquon Barkley’s 50% rushing success rate last week was his best mark of the season

The Giants offense is most effective when Barkley can act as a mover. When he’s firing on all cylinders, the whole unit gets even more dangerous.

Giants pass game is in great place this week. The Vikings secondary was one of the most exploitable units all year. We know that the giant arcade catching corps is not full of talent. They’ll find their jobs much easier if Barkley can replicate his Week 15 performance.

Jerick McKinnon averages 6.4 yards per touch

Just Bryce Hall He achieved higher among running backs and only played seven games before getting hurt. McKinnon has been legitimately good all year.

Now the veteran running back has been placed in an excellent role. It’s not cocky like some two-minute late workouts. Hurry up early and get to work. It’s hard to imagine him not continuing to produce stellar numbers this week against a struggling Seattle defense.

Dawson Knox ranks as the 4th highest scorer among TEs since Week 14

I’ve been begging for bills to get nothing out of itStephen Diggs Cross attack all season. Don’t hold out hope it comes from the parlor – these guys are what they are – but I would at least be cautiously optimistic that Knox’s latest play is sustainable.

Knox is the guy this team has been stretched to in the off-season. He has all the talents to be a very tight end and we saw flashes last year. Admittedly, I burned him in fantasy all season long; I can never get the right weeks to start it. But I think I’m buying the strong end of the Bills tight end.

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