Be on a losing streak and you may never get back: Capitals beat Flyers 3-2 (OT)

The Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers both got into action Wednesday night looking to snap extended losing streaks. Only one can be washed though.

Morgan Frost sent a weak shot past Darcy Kuemper as goalkeeper Caps swooped through the air and behind him to start the scoring. Marcus Johansson hit his paycheck on his second attempt while driving home kicker Alex Ovechkin on a power play to tie things up. Patrick Brown beat Kuemper with a soft tip try at the front to put Philly back.

Sonny Milano belatedly linked him to the Caps. Alex Ovechkin overtime winner!

The Capitals beat the Flyers 3-2!

  • The Capitals have had a really tough time in their late opening spells and that has continued into this time. In their last five games, they have won 11-1 at half time. They finally turned things around, tied the game up, and may have had a little more positive momentum heading into the first break.
  • The goal they gave up was just terrifying from the goalkeeper. Darcy Comber This can’t be done especially when the team in front of him is having trouble getting the puck into the net themselves. He didn’t look comfortable in goal at all to start the game.
  • Marcus Johansson He kicked one that was called back and then stole one from Alex Ovechkin by touching a puck that was already heading over the goal line. It’s a really evil Mojo/Jojo game. Appropriate.
  • Another very weak one that Kuemper allowed in the second and the Caps can’t score at the moment. They had the puck most of the period but couldn’t find the last pass or shot. 11 to 2 in five on five chances to score in the second frame but the team with only 2 was the only one able to get to the board.
  • Good to see Niklas Backstrom In the booth on TNT. Happy birthday, Nick! Come back as soon as you can, please.
  • What is the final result of the USA vs England game on Friday? I’m worried about that guys. Either it’s like England 4-1 or 1-0 for the good guys. no middle. Perhaps Berhalter will play with Gio Reina as he should play on Monday.
  • Georgetown should not be allowed to play basketball on the exact same day as Capitals games. The disc looked like a bouncy ball at some points. One of the biggest disadvantages of home ice in the league.
  • I believed TJ O’Shea He was excellent in his comeback. His stellar play contributed to Sonny Milano’s equalizing goal in the third, and he had an assist on Washington’s first as well.
  • John Tortorella Looks like he was kicked in the face by a horse recently. If this happens to me, you won’t see me for the next six months.
  • No. 790 for Alex Ovechkin. What a game winning turn of him in overtime.
  • I know this has probably been a more negative time in the Caps fandom lately, so I’m going to shift the narrative a bit in the comments section. Name a mysterious Trigger Caps you are grateful for and why. I’ll try to highlight my favourites, sometime.

happy thanks giving! We’ll then see the caps on Friday when the Calgary Flames come to town for their only visit this season.

Main image provided by Alexander J.

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