TCU, LSU headline Week 14 roster

Friday night’s loss to No. 4 seed Southern California to No. 12 Utah put No. 5 Ohio State back into the College Football Playoff mix. As of Saturday afternoon, No. 6 Alabama is back in the playoff debate as No. 10 Kansas State threatens to expand to an already double-digit lead in the Big 12 championship game against No. 3 TCU.

But this is TCU, and one thing we learned during this wildly unpredictable march toward an unbeaten season is not to count Max Duggan and the Horned Frogs.

By reversing a 21-10 Kansas State lead in the third quarter and forcing TCU to do just enough to put away the Crimson Tide and stay part of the playoff game. The 31-28 loss still makes for an exhausting wait through Sunday morning as the Horned Frogs prepare for a head-to-head comparison with the Crimson Tide.

The Horned Frogs storming again is par for the course during the most memorable regular season in program history. Only once since the second week of October have the Frogs cruised to victory, last week’s 62-14 game against Iowa State.

The story of the year was close calls: TCU won five games by possession, recently beat Baylor 29-28 with a last-second field goal, and defeated seven Big 12 opponents by an average margin of 6.9 points.

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