A look at the class of 2023 in Oklahoma, with Peyton Bowen in the fold

(Photo: Parker Thune, 247 Sports)

School: Fremont (NB) Archbishop Bergan

Signing time: 7:05 a.m. local time

Commitment date: June 13, 2022

Height: 6’4 “

Weight: 210 pounds

247 Athlete Composite Rating: Three stars (0.8797), No. 600 domestically, No. 40 athlete, No. 3 player in Cornhuskers State.

247 Athletic Rating: Three stars (88), 41st-ranked athlete, 3rd-ranked in the Cornhuskers State

Recruitment coach: Joe John FinlayAnd the Brent Venables

247Sports Eval/Overview: McIntyre is currently the 40th player in the country and the 600th player overall. At 6-foot-4 and 210 pounds, he is capable of playing linebacker, wide receiver, or tight end at the next level. He had planned state visits with Kansas State and Minnesota later this month, but pulled those outings from the schedule after his experience in Oklahoma. He also received an offer from Nebraska and was heavily recruited by Wyoming, where his older brother was So McIntyre She signed into the class of 2022 as a three-star safety. McIntyre High School, Archbishop Bergan, plays football at Nebraska C-2 classification. It’s the lowest level of 11-player football in the state, and a C-2 player doesn’t often get a Division I football scholarship—not to mention a Power 5 opportunity. The chance to represent Fremont on college football’s biggest stage makes things even more so. Sweetness for McIntyre. – Parker Thune, OUInsider.com

Citable: “I know a lot of people say that, but it’s the truth – when I went down there and saw that not only are the facilities great and they’ll be even better when I get there, but the amazing people who are there, it just felt like home. It was the place to be. Me. I told my parents we could close my other visits because I knew this was where I was. I went out with Joe, John Finlay, and Ted Roofas well as a coach [Jeff] Libyan. I spoke to Venables, and on the player side, so was my host Danny Stutsman. but me [still] He went to Iowa [on a June 10 official visit]And the people there were great. They were amazing. And I was like, “You know, if something is this cool and I still feel like OU is where I want to be, I know it is.” That’s why I made the decision. It felt like home.” – McIntyre

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(Photo: Parker Thune, 247 Sports)

School: McAlester (Okla.)

Signing time: 9:02 a.m. local time

Commitment date: January 29, 2022

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 180 pounds

247 Athletic Composite Rating: Three Stars (0.8736), No. 736 National, No. 53 Athlete, No. 10 Player in the State Sooner.

247 Sports Rating: Three Stars (87), No. 65 Athlete, No. 8 Player in the State Sooner

Recruitment coach: Brandon Hall

247Sports Eval/Overview: Arguably the most versatile and complete football player in the state of Oklahoma, McCarty put together a 2021 junior season that would be ridiculous by video game standards. The McAlester star was named Region MVP and first-team All-State and was named Prep Redzone Player of the Year in all rankings at Oklahoma. On offense, he amassed 2,004 rushing yards and an amazing 40 touchdown runs at running backs, and on defense, he recorded 104 tackles and 18 pass breakups. But McCarty didn’t stop there. He also made his presence felt on special teams, blocking six kicks. – Parker Thune, OUInsider.com

Notable Awards: 2022 – Triple Threat Player with Wide Shots at Running and Safety; He also competed in track and field. He ran 11.66 100 and long jumped 20-3.5 as a sophomore.

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(Photo: Christopher Stock, 247 Sports)

School: Lake Butler, FL, Union County

Signing time: 9:08 a.m. local time

Commitment date: December 21, 2022

Height: 6’3 “

Weight: 265 pounds

247 Athletic Composite Rating: Three stars (0.8528), No. 1,262 domestically, No. 135 defensive lineman, No. 175 player in the Sunshine State

247 Athletic Rating: Three Stars (85), No. 139 Defensive Lineman, No. 201 Sunshine State Player.

247Sports Eval / Overview: Every year there are players who fall under the radar or your so-called diamonds on the field. That is exactly what Strong is here for. He’s snappy and has a knack for getting the quarterback, something he really showed during his senior season when he had 10.5 sacks and averaged five tackles per game. Strong is also a versatile player who took the field on both sides of the ball, finishing on defense and tackle offense. Visited just last week and that was often enough to seal the deal. – OuInsider.com

Notable Achievements: 2022 – Returned from injury. In the first right games of his senior season, he totaled 33 tackles (13 tackles for loss), 7 sacks, and 3 tackles. He helped Union County secure a berth in the Florida 1R playoffs. Primarily worked as style 5 and 4 in a multi-look interface; 2021 – Missed the entire junior season due to a torn ACL.

It can be quoted: “I love the versatility of the group. What I really love about all of them is, they all can speed the passer. So, they have the instincts and the skill to be able to speed the pass relative to their positions. They have the height and the size. And then we had the best strength coach in college football at Jerry Schmidt And an amazing nutrition program, sports science as well will give these guys the chance to grow in their physique and physique and develop into outstanding defensive linemen.” Brent VenablesCoach, on Strong and the rest of the D-line

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