An Indiana insult that just won’t go away

On Saturday when undefeated and 10The tenth— The top-ranked Indiana basketball team comes to Rutgers for the Big Ten Conference Opener (4 p.m., Big Ten Network), and a lot will be made of the Scarlet Knights’ five-game winning streak over the traditional powerhouse. But to fully understand the anguish this line has caused in the land of candy-striped pants, you have to know the story of Kyle Swick.

In 2015, Swick was a law student blogging about sports at Indiana University. A native of the state, he scripted a prep for a football game against Rutgers that featured a few hits on the Big Ten New Jersey draft picks.

“I wake up the next morning and there are 120 comments,” Swick recalls. “The Rutgers fans found it and were angry. They were as angry as I’ve ever seen a fan base. People cared about football at Rutgers to an extent that I had no idea. From that point on, as a young and immature crowd, we were like, ‘We’re going to By antagonizing these guys every chance we get.”

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