NFL Week 8 picks against spread: Seahawks roll, defeat blazing giants; Black pulled annoyed

Anyone who knows what’s going to happen this year in the NFL is either Biff Tannen or, more likely, a liar. This is easily the busiest NFL season of the past decade.

It’s great watching football. But it is a disaster to choose football games in public. Each week I felt like he was getting close to breaking my way up late and one that wasn’t complete disasters.

In the words of Jack Donaghy, you have to go deeper into the crevice. (Liz Lemon could have missed her damage, but I could digress.)

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NFL Picks Week 8

Crows in pirates

Thursday, 8:20 PM ET
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Featured game | Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Baltimore Ravens

Two potential contenders are currently swimming in the .500 circle amid the NFL season. The Buccaneers’ offensive streak continues to be a problem for Tom Brady, and the Ravens pass rush is starting to look a bit slick. But now the Ravens pass is off (Lamar hasn’t completed 60 percent of his passes in his last three games, hasn’t had many touchdown passes since Week 3 and has over 200 yards over once in his last four games), Mark Andrews isn’t guaranteed to play. Bucs is a funnel track but crows won’t be able to run easily here. Baltimore offers Tom Brady the opportunity to get straight into the scrolling game.

pick: Box 24, Ravens 21

Jaguars vs Broncos (in London)

Sunday, 9:30 a.m. ET

Featured game | Jacksonville Jaguars vs Denver Broncos

I can share with you the stats about the Bronco’s defense being good and the Bronco’s attacking bad, then suggest that the Jaguar have the advantage of traveling in London. I can also point out that Jaguar has been really bad lately at doing one important thing: winning football matches. But anyone who gets to their knees in the aisle of an international flight with people they know should be arrested and thrown into some kind of NATO life prison. For this reason, I took Jaguars.

pick: Jaguar 24, Bronco 17

Props, best bets: nah

Cardinals in Vikings

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET
Fox | Stream: fuboTV (click here)

Featured game | Minnesota Vikings vs Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinal just put in their most ever in a Cliff Kingsbury/Keller Murray “era” – if one likes correlation and causation, one could point to DeAndre Hopkins returning to the lineup. Nuk looked pretty good and is now having a fun match against one of my old teammates (and one of my CBS Sports Podcast Network buddies!) Patrick Peterson. Hopkins/Justin Jefferson’s skinny stacks are too tasty for DFS. The Minnesota offense has to take place here, so the question is will he keep up with Cliff/Keller. I’d be more inclined to bet that wouldn’t happen, even with Hopkins back.

pickaxe: Vikings 27, Cardinals 21

bets: Vikings -3.5

Raiders in the Saints

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET
CBS | Stream: Paramount+ (click here)

Featured game | New Orleans Saints vs Las Vegas Raiders

Dennis Allen’s revenge game! Put the premium! Andy Dalton starts off opposite Derek Carr, so expect plenty of Spider-Man pointing memoirs this time around. This game is entirely dependent on the injury report. If Marshon Lattimore doesn’t play, he’ll smash Davante Adams and the Raiders might roll. Dalton is the best QB for the Saints but Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry are still not practicing until Wednesday. I support the invaders but I watch the news.

pickaxe: Raiders 21, Saints 17

bets: Raiders if Lattimore out

Panthers in Falcons

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET
Fox | Stream: fuboTV (click here)

Featured game | Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers

There is no greater evidence of the NFL than this game. These two teams are not fun, they are not good in attack and … but … this game is very important. The Cheetahs are in first place if they win and lose the Box. Atlanta loves to drag teams into an alley and fight. Not sure the Panthers want to see that? PJ Walker is an upgrade? I don’t know. Do not watch this game. I was leaning under. One of these teams may conduct the playoffs. be cerfull.

pickaxe: Falcons 14, Panthers 10

bets: no sir

dolphins in black

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET
CBS | Stream: Paramount+ (click here)

Featured game | Detroit Lions vs Miami Dolphins

The Lions were a trendy little option for everyone coming into the year and they’ve hit rock bottom like dogs at home to the Dolphins. This is a great place for Detroit, though. Miami excels well on running but doesn’t swell too hard against a pass; Everyone remembers having picked up Kenny Beckett as well as the Jared Goff disaster over the past two weeks. D’Andre Swift and Amon-Ra St. Brown matters a lot here – if they both play, I like Lions to win the game.

pickaxe: Detroit 31, Dolphin 28

Bets: Black teaser with cowboys, like black +3.5

Bears in the cowboy

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET
Fox | Stream: fuboTV (click here)

Featured game | Dallas Cowboys vs Chicago Bears

The Bears are riding high from their win over the MNF over the Bates, but what a huge disappointment here. The Cowboys are the good team you don’t want to talk about. *removes throat* Someone should hire Dan Quinn this show please for the love of God. Anyhoo, you can run on Dallas for a bit, but the Bears should play from the front. I’m wondering how long the Beats win besides Robert Quinn deal could last for this team. Dallas hasn’t given up huge rush totals, and if Chicago falters five times on Sunday, the Cowboys will roll. Love under but teasing the cowboys (I went with black) seems like the best move.

pickaxe: Cowboys 21, Bears 10

bets: cowboy teaser, like under

Patriots in airplanes

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET
CBS | Stream: Paramount+ (click here)

Featured game | New York Jets vs New England Patriots

Patriots look pretty terrible. Planes are rolling. This is the first time since 2001 that Jets have a better record than Bates when they are pitted against each other. If you were going to support the Jets against Bill Belichick as a wounded dog, this would be the place. It can’t be me! Take BUTS before they reach -3.

pickaxe: Patriots 27, planes 11

bets: Bates -2.5

Steelers at Eagles

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET
CBS | Stream: Paramount+ (click here)

Featured game | Philadelphia Eagles vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The Eagles are rolling now and it seems unlikely that he’ll face TJ Watt this week (he’s in the 21-day activation window so he can technically play). They never lost to the Steelers at home in the Super Bowl era! What a reality for people who prefer home winning streaks to Super Bowl titles. Pittsburgh has been rotting this season — two wins, one in overtime and one 20-18 squeaker over the Buccaneers. The Eagles were clearly undefeated, but their only win over 10 points was when they beat WFT and Mini in the ground game. The Steelers sneaky backdoor is here.

pickaxe: Eagles 24, Steelers 14

bets: under

Titans in Texas

Sunday, 4:05 p.m. ET
CBS | Stream: Paramount+ (click here)

Featured game | Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans

I’m sure that streak was pretty bad and I took Texas. But I hate her. Derrick Henry OWNS the Texans and they are allowing the most dashing yards for every game in the NFL this season. This is an awesome match for Houston! Why the second line? At first the Texan took a small domestic dog away from the principle because the line was so ridiculous. Forget that. This is Derek Henry and the Titans Roll. I’m sure I won’t regret it later. (If you play Henry in DFS, bring it back with Nico Collins.)

pickaxe: Titans 21, Texas 14

bets: Titans -2

Giants at Seahawks

Sunday, 4:25 p.m. ET
Fox | Stream: fuboTV (click here)

Featured game | Seattle Seahawks vs New York Giants

Daniel Jones got into the rare air last week – not only did he run 100 yards for the first time in his career, he’s now the first QP Giants to run 100 yards in a game since Ed D’Anovsky in 1934. Shout out to Ed D’Anovsky – two-time NFL champion (some era) before the Super Bowl) and a two-time All-Pro team leading the league in passes and touchdowns in 1935. His son, John, is a three-time NCAA champ as a Duke lacrosse coach since 2008 — he’s won more games than any D-1 lax coach in history and is the manager Technical of the United States men’s national lacrosse team. Can we fade away with Daniel Jones knowing Duke’s interconnected stats? I’m very tempted not to, especially after hearing Brian Dabol’s “respect” before the Giants’ training on Wednesday, even though that team was 6-1. I’m against my best judgment and taking the Seahawks and that’s only because of Geno Smith (and also Kenneth Walker, with Giants probably prone to escaping). The Danowski family might roast me accordingly when I’m wrong.

pickaxe: Seahawks 24, Giants 20

bets: no

49ers at rams

Sunday, 4:25 p.m. ET
Fox | Stream: fuboTV (click here)

Featured game | Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers

Another kind of rotten streak flaunting history – the 49ers won seven out of eight against the Rams, save for last year’s NFC Championship game, which could have gone either way… replacing Kyle Shanahan’s dominance in this match, especially With Christian McCaffrey spending an entire week ditching this Niners playbook. With Deebo Samuel suffering from a hamstring injury, CMC’s sums are tempting to say the least.

pickaxe: 49ers 27, Rams 17

bets: CMC during receptions

Leaders in ponies

Sunday, 4:25 p.m. ET
Fox | Stream: fuboTV (click here)

Featured game | Indianapolis Colts vs. Washington Leaders

We’ve been robbed of the ultimate Carson Wentz Revenge game. I’m so disgusting now. We don’t even get Matt Ryan with a flexible opportunity on Carson Wentz’s lower side, being put on the bench with Sam Ellinger. I honestly don’t know who made the QB call in Indy and don’t really understand why they are -3 here, with a completely anonymous Ehlinger and WFT able to slow down the run. Unless you just know better about the former Texas QB, I think this is a remote stay. Good luck to both parties involved!

pickaxe: Washington 21, Indy 17

bets: No way

Packers at Bells

Sunday, 8:20 p.m. ET
NBC | Stream: fuboTV (click here)

Featured game | Buffalo Bills vs Green Bay Packers

One of the craziest streaks you’ll ever see if you’ve been following the NFL for 10 years or more. Two-time MVP Aaron Rodgers is a double-digit house dog for the first time in his career… and no one wants to take him. The Bills come from Goodbye Packers Can’t Win the Game (Losing to Giants, Jets and WFTs in the last 3 weeks). Sean McDermott is a post-goodbye machine and Josh Allen can pull off another “Game of Thrones” style of eliminating someone standing in his way to becoming the best soccer player. The only reason for taking points is “Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t get that many in prime time” but the Bills are a much better football team at the moment. Based on this season, The Packers win 21. But I wouldn’t expect that.

pickaxe: Bills 35, Packers 14

bets: more than 47.5

Bengals at Browns

Monday, 8:15 p.m. ET
ESPN | Stream: fuboTV (click here)

Featured game | Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals

No chance I would bet against Joe Burrow in prime time. Even if Brown was never defeated. The man is on the stove now. Check out the Pick Six Pod YouTube page for better stats.

pickaxe: Bengals 31, Browns 28

bets: pass

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