Inti Creates is bringing ‘Grim Guardians’ inspired by the classic Castlevania to the Switch this February

Inti Creates’ upcoming project, Grim Guardians: Demon Purge, has a release date! Announced last August, the stunning looking side-scrolling platformer seems to blend fast-paced run and gun action. Megan With horror atmosphere and level design Castlevania To the online store on February 23, 2023.

Grim Guardians is actually part of Inti’s Gal*Gun series, one of the developers’ most popular franchises, and the game stars two of the series’ heroines – Shinobu and Maya. You will be able to play the game alone or team up with a friend, and you will need the skills of both characters in order to pass the game.

The developer also shared a number of details about the upcoming action-packed horror adventure to go along with the new trailer for the amazing story above:

a story
The Kamizono family has a long lineage of demon hunters. Kamizono Shinobu and Kamizono Maya—the last to inherit the family profession—return to school one day after completing their quest, only to find a shocking scene in front of them.

Unbeknownst to them, their school has turned into a demonic castle in their absence. What could have caused this? And what about the other students. With mysteries afoot and danger abounding, only the Demon Hunters have the power to set things right. The Kamizono siblings fight again.

“When demons lie near you, we Demon Hunters appear!”
Kamizono brothers, come out!

Feature 1: Switch quickly while crossing the demonic castle!
Take control of all of the Kamizono brothers tag team. Make the most of your long-distance focused Shinobu and brave long-distance focused Maya Kamizono as you make your way through the castle.

Shinobu Kamizono (voiced by Emi Uema)
Shinobu, the Kamizono sisters’ elder, is full of confidence, but still tends to make careless mistakes. She’s a ranged attacker who takes down demons with her Anti-Demon Machine Gun! As a powerful fighter with more HP than her little sister, Shinobu’s weapons purchased in each stage give her the means to attack in all directions, as well as the ability to restore HP.

Maya Kamizono (voiced by Shinami Hashimoto)
Maya is the youngest of the sisters, supporting her strong-willed sister from the shadows with her reliable personality. As a close-range technical attacker, she makes various powerful origami weapons. Use these weapons to deal massive damage! As you unlock more sub-weapons, you’ll gain several special actions, making them specialize in attack. She has much lower HP in return, so choose carefully when to switch from Shinobu because the chance to deal massive damage presents itself!

Cover your weaknesses by switching siblings when needed. Each brother has a set of unique sub-weapons, giving you a wealth of options to switch up your strategy whenever the time comes. Most of Shinobu’s sub-weapons can be used flexibly, allowing her to compensate for her direct attack. Feel free to use them as long as you have weapon points in stock! On the other hand, Maya sub-weapons mainly serve to close the distance between themselves and the demons, but in turn require technical precision. Some of them may have unexpected functions.

Feature 2: Defeat bosses to get new secondary weapons, unlocking a whole new layer of exploration
Defeating bosses will spawn new sub-weapons, giving siblings exciting new abilities. These sub-weapons also open up new avenues and means of exploration in other stages.

Careful exploration will allow you to uncover secret passages to the castle, which can lead to power-up items for siblings, not to mention locating other students who have gone missing.

Feature 3: Enjoy the story your way with ‘clean’ or ‘polished’ soundtracks
The Grim Guardian’s story focuses on two main aspects: the mystery behind the school’s transformation, and the whereabouts of the other students.

Enjoy the original experience in “Pure” mode with all the original Japanese voices for the story mode, or choose “Polished” for the action-focused English voice acting, specially designed for fans of the genre.

Feature 4: Adjust the difficulty according to your playing needs with the unique pattern system
A total of three different modes – “Casual”, “Veteran” and “Legend” – are available for selection, allowing players to adjust the difficulty according to their needs. This can be changed at any time after starting the game, and will have no impact on the story whatsoever.

Are you a fan of Gal*Gun? Will you be obsessed with this gothic horror action platformer next year? Let us know!

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