The National Film Registry added “Iron Man,” “Carrie,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “House Party,” and more.

The Library of Congress has unveiled its annual list of 25 films to make the cut for the National Film Registry. The anthology is considered among the most influential of motion pictures in America, featuring titles ranging from an 1898 documentary of Mardi Gras carnival Parade in New Orleans until 1950 Cyrano de Bergerac — making Jose Ferrer the first Hispanic actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor — and more recent classics like Aviation High or Excellent (1972), curry (1976), Hairspray (1988), the little Mermaid (1989), When Harry met Sally (1989), house party (1990) and Iron Man (2008). Scroll down for the full list.

The latter group was chosen for its cultural, historical, or aesthetic significance for preserving the nation’s cinematic heritage, and includes a diverse group of American filmmakers, as well as notable works in major genres. There are at least 15 films directed or co-directed by two filmmakers of color, women or LGBTQ+ helmets. The choices make the number of movies in the recording 850.

In 2008, he directed Jon Favreau Iron Man Marvel Studios launched as an everyday presence in American pop culture. Marvel president Kevin Feige said,Iron Man It was the first film produced independently by Marvel Studios. It was the first film we had all creative control and supervision over and it was really a hit or break for the studio…the idea that we’re here, about 15 years after the release of Iron ManAnd to join Film Registry tells us that it has stood the test of time and continues to be meaningful to audiences around the world.”

From the 1989 Rob Reiner comics classic When Harry met SallyStar Billy Crystal said, “The movie is beautiful, simple, fitting and every shot is just right. The timing is in the hands of Rob, who, for this movie, is modern-day Billy Wilder…and it’s New York, it’s autumn, it’s the music.”

house party joins the record as a comedy landmark in 1990, placing black teens, hip-hop music and neo-jack swing culture squarely in the American cultural mainstream and spawning the career of writer/director Reginald Hudlin who said, “The day we launched the dance number in house party It is easily one of the best days of my life.”

2011 Award Winning Writer/Director Dee Rees forsaken The story of a teenage black girl in Brooklyn coming to terms with her identity also made the cut. Said Reese, “This is, you know, an idea of ​​a life, an idea of ​​a character that can outlive us all, hopefully.”

Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden commented, “Movies have become absolutely central to American culture by helping to tell our national story for more than 125 years. We are proud to add 25 more films from a vibrant and diverse group of filmmakers to the National Film Registry while preserving our cinematic heritage We are grateful to the entire film community for collaborating with the Library of Congress to ensure these films are preserved for the future.”

Turner Classic Movieswill host a TV special on December 27 to showcase a selection of the motion pictures named for this year’s Record.

Here is the complete list, in chronological order

Mardi Gras carnival (1898)
Cab calloway home movies (1948-1951)
Cyrano de Bergerac (1950)
charade (1963)

Scorpio high (1963)
Behind every good man (1967)
Titicut Follies (1967)
mingus (1968)
Apple orchard (1971)
Betty Tell Her Story (1972)
Aviation High or Excellent (1972)
Attica (1974)
curry (1976)
Maids Union (1976)
The Word Is Out: Stories from Our Lives (1977)
Bush mom (1979)
Gregorio Cortez song (1982)
Wise orphans, hobbit (1984)
Hairspray (1988)
the little Mermaid (1989)
Tongues untied (1989)
When Harry met Sally (1989)
house party (1990)
Iron Man (2008)
forsaken (2011)

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