Hope and Steffy are amazed at what they find at Brooke’s – and what happens at Bill’s house leaves him and Katie in tears

At Forrester, Finn tells Stevie it takes a lot of processing knowing Sheila is alive but he will do what is necessary to protect the people he loves. Hope comes over and asks if Stevie knows what happened with their parents. Stevie says no and guesses Hope didn’t either. you did not. Stevie is dying to find out what’s going on. Hope feels the same way.

At Brock’s house, she and Taylor walk with a brownie box, laughing at Ridge’s look when they drop their bomb. Brooke asks if Taylor is sorry. She says it is…because they haven’t done this in thirty years. They both crack. Brooke says there is no better way to celebrate than with this cake. She muses that she kisses Ridge goodbye, “And that’s a kiss we can both agree on.” They are high five and laughing.
Brooke Taylor Cake B&B

At Bill’s house, Liam makes a confused face as his dad was “boss”. He asks, “Is this a publisher?” Bill is sure that this is the night he will convince Katie to come home.

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At the design office, Carter asks Katie to dinner with him, but she says Bill called him and she agreed to see him.

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In Bells, Liam is surprised that Katie agrees to come. Bill takes this as a positive sign and declares that everything will be different for him and his ex after tonight.

At the design office, Carter tells Katie that Bill is only going to pressure her into taking him back and asks, “Why would you put yourself through that again?” Katie says he doesn’t look like him and that she’s worried about him.
Concern Katie B & B

In the main office, Charlie interrupts Hope, Stevie and Finn’s conversation to assure them that Sheila will not be able to breach security. All Stevie and Hope want to know is if Ridge left with Brooke or Taylor.

At Brooke’s house, she and Taylor touch on how bullshit has become a way of life. Brooke says, “You and I, we’ve got our strength back, and it feels incredible!” Brooke strokes her hair and then she and Taylor roast glasses of water. Taylor tells Brooke that she never wanted to be her enemy.
Brooke Taylor toast B&B

At Forrester, Charlie is forced to admit that he never saw Ridge, Taylor, or Brooke leave the building. Hope and Steffy decide to text their mom and are stunned to learn they are at Brooke’s house. They declared that this couldn’t be good and decided to get there right away.

At the design office, Katie tells Carter that she has never heard Bell’s voice so crisp.

In Bill’s place, he tells Liam that he is willing to do whatever it takes to convince Katie to give him another chance.

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At Brooke’s house, Taylor tells the blonde she’s badass and is very creative. “The best chemist I’ve ever seen.” She goes on to say that Brooke is a good mother; She could see why Ridge was swept away. Brock also has a crush on Taylor, for helping people and being a therapist, which is incredible. They marvel that they never had a chance to be nice to each other and wonder how they let it go on for so long. Women should not hit each other, especially on a man, and should lift each other up. They vow never to fight on Ridge again. Taylor knows they both played a part, but Ridge caught the eye. Brock agrees. It was just wrong what he did. They go over what he did this time and tell each other how sorry they are for what they had to go through. Taylor just has this to say, “Let’s eat cake!” They’re raising two huge buns when Hope and Stevie come in and panic, thinking another cake fight is about to start. They are stunned when Brooke and Taylor laugh as they celebrate and explain that Ridge didn’t choose. “We did!” And stuff their faces with cake.
Steffy Hope B&B

At Bill’s house, Liam thinks he misses old Spencer family gatherings. Bill vowed that they would put her back in the calendar. Liam gently reminds his father that Katie wants it too. He wishes Bill well and worries about holding the sword. Bill will not need her once Katie returns to him.

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At the design office, Carter tells Katie that monitoring Belle’s well-being is not her job. She argues that everything he does affects Will. Carter says, “You’re right.” They agree to have dinner at another time.

At Brooke’s house, she and Taylor explain to their daughters that they must be prepared – and strong enough. Stevie asks, “Strong enough why?” The women say they are strong enough to take back their lives, to choose themselves, and, Brooke adds, to “control our destiny.” Taylor cringes, “Oh, I said the ‘d’ word!” Steffy and Hope learn that the competition is over. They don’t need ridge to be happy! As they continue to rant about finally figuring this out, Stevie and Hope exchange an incredulous look.

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At Bill’s house, he tells Katie she looks amazing. It indicates that he has seen the dress a million times. Bell says it’s not about that, it’s about what’s in it. He thanks her for coming and she says she is worried about him. Bill will take what he can get. Katie says he doesn’t look like himself. Bill declares that he has never been the same when they are apart. Katie bristles. He asks her not to do that. Remind him that they are over with this. Bill explains that he has been learning something new every day about himself and his feelings for her. He regrets hurting her. Katie cries. “It’s my sister Belle.” Bill wishes he could win him back, saying that Brock is the love of his life. He loves Katie and Will more than words can express and misses the life they should have shared. Katie says, “The life we ​​would have shared if you hadn’t gotten rid of it.” Bill is moved and cries and taps his index fingers on his temples as he laments his bad decisions. He just needs to hear from her that there is a chance for forgiveness. Bill cries, “I swear I’ll never let you down again. Just tell me you’ll come back to me.” Katie, crying too, reels.
Belle Katy Crying B&B

At Brooke’s house, she tells Hope and Stevie that she and Taylor finally realize that happiness comes from within. Stevie and Hope are proud of their moms and hug. Brock sends the girls to the kitchen for forks and plates. Taylor and Brooke rave about how happy their daughters are and how good that feels. Brooke says, “I want to thank her, my friend. My friend, Taylor.” Taylor says, “My friend, Brooke.” They embrace crying and laughing.
Taylor Brooke Embrace B&B

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