There are signs that Ohio State’s quarterback recruitment may be changing

Ohio State landed a quarterback in the class of 2023 last week when Lincoln Kinnholz He turned his commitment from Washington to the Buckeyes. On the first day of the early signing period, Kienholz signed his letter of intent, making him the next in the growing line of highly rated quarterbacks under the coach. Ryan Day.

In Kienholz, Ohio State earned a four-star prospect and a No. 13 quarterback in the 2023 247Sports ranking. He’s hoping to file behind the likes of Dwayne HaskinsAnd the Justin Fields And the CJ Stroud To thrive under today’s coach and quarterback Corey Dennis.

“We always try to do our best, year after year, to find the right quarterbacks for that room,” Day said during his signing day press conference.

Kienholz’s commitment maintains the Buckeyes’ impressive quarterback recruiting streak, but it may also give an indication of how Scarlet and Gray can recruit the situation moving forward. In fact, there were already signs.

First, while Ohio State’s quarterback production wasn’t in question under Day, it didn’t always come from the highest-ranked player in the class, and at times the Buckeyes had to adjust their plan. Haskins was committed to Maryland before switching to scarlet and gray—albeit before Day’s arrival in Columbus—late in the process. Fields played a full season in Georgia before moving to Ohio State. Stroud wasn’t even on the Buckeye’s radar until before his senior year and joined Day’s hand-picked class Jack Miller.

While there is an example Kyle McCordwhich was targeted today by the name of the The man in the class of 2021 who has stuck with his 20-month commitment to Scarlet and Gray, Ohio State has had to turn sometimes. Queen Ewersthe highest-ranked player to commit to the Buckeyes, was selected for reclassification from the Class of 2022 to 2021 to join McCord for a year before moving to Texas. Dylan RaiolaHe, the highest-ranked player in the class of 2024 who committed to Ohio State in May, resigned on Saturday. Both made employees have to change their plans for the job in their respective classes.

“When is the right time to get in the quarterbacks? Is it early in the process? Is it that late?” Day was asked rhetorically on Wednesday. “There are definitely some great positives to jumping on someone early, you identify who that person is early on. But when you get behind someone like Lincoln, you have to realize what they did in their senior year, same with CJ, same with Devin[Brown]”And you get four years out there. And I think in their situation, we’ve been really successful. But there have also been times when we’ve recruited Kyle and the guys early on in the process and that works as well.”

Haskins, Fields, and Stroud are all examples of how waiting quarterbacks work, as all three were Heisman Trophy finalists during their Buckeye careers. McCord, if he wins the job next season, has a chance to show that an early goal run can also be successful, assuming the player sticks to his commitment.

But there have also been signs that Day, Crimson and Gray are shifting away from what recently seemed to be their preferred style in the medium. Other than Fields, Day primarily recruited and worked as pocket passer with the Buckeyes. Haskins, Stroud, McCord, even Miller, who had moved to Florida, all preferred moving the ball through their arm rather than their legs.

Devin Brown It was a change of pace as he was more of a playmaking quarterback, similar to what had become the norm under the Urban Meyer. Raiola has also been described as an athletic and mobile quarterback, and no one at Ohio State was happy to see him lose commitment. Kienholz is also dynamic and not afraid to run with the ball.

“A multi-sport athlete, and a very good multi-sport athlete,” Day said of Pierre from South Dakota. “I played several sports but played very well. I loved the way he was competing, and I loved his athleticism.”

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While there was a lot of no-running Stroud during his two years as a starter, Day has shown he has no problems with quarterbacks on the mobile as long as they are smart runners. Fields rushed for 867 yards and 15 touchdowns in his two seasons with the Buckeyes, won back-to-back Big Ten titles and played in two College Football Playoff games, including a national title game appearance.

With each hiring season, philosophies will change based on what’s available. But the quarterback position can be a different animal.

Ohio State has found avenues for success at quarterback in various ways, but the position’s recent hiring gives a possible clue as to how more successful the Crimson and Grays could be in the future.

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