Trigun’s latest promo: Stampede debuts new and familiar faces, featuring a notable lack of Milly

In recent weeks, fans around the world have been flocking to TOHO Animation’s official YouTube channel to catch the latest trailer for the upcoming Studio Orange reboot. Trigon – In doing so, I met a slew of new and returning Wasteland faces.

Source: Trigun Stampede – Official Trailer #2 TOHO Animation Youtube

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On October 14, TOHO Animation and Studio Orange premiered the second official trailer for Trigun: stampede, It reveals a whole series of improvements for fan favorites Meryl Stryfe and Nicholas D. Wolfwood

The first Vash allies to reboot for the first time in the new trailer, Meryl (Biography: Sakura Andou – Legom and Flamingo in monsters) has undergone a career change in the 14 years since Madhouse first aired the original.

Originally an agent for the Bernadelle Insurance Association who would travel the world in an effort to prevent a human hurricane from raising the company’s claims forever, Merrill is now a reporter for the similarly named Bernadelle News Agency as it searches for Fash. In order to get the biggest news of her career.

Source: Trigun Stampede – Official Trailer #2 TOHO Animation Youtube

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Next was a new addition to the franchise Roberto De Niro (Biography: Kenji Matsuda – Zebra in Turku) – Not to be confused with actor Robert De Niro – a drunk, Bernadelle News Agency reporter who travels alongside Meryl as her partner and mentor.

Source: Trigun Stampede – Official Trailer #2 TOHO Animation Youtube

To the great disappointment of longtime fans of the series, it looks like De Niro will be replacing the role he was originally occupied in both the manga and the first. Trigon Anime by fan favorite airhead Milly Thompson.

Although unfortunate, her lack of presence in this trailer is an indication of her complete lack of appearance in Trigon Stampede remains to be seen.

Source: Trigun Episode 2 “Truth of Mistake” (1998), Madhouse.

The trailer then moves on to introduce fan-favorite priest and Vash’s best friend, Nicholas de Wolfwood (Biography: Yoshimasa Hosuya – Shotaro Hidari in Photo Tante), who was seen walking through the desert with sand flying around, has his signature “Cross Pistol”, The Punisher, pinned to his back.

Source: Trigun Stampede – Official Trailer #2 TOHO Animation Youtube

Significantly, upon seeing a close-up of the priest’s face, it can be seen that the signature Wolfwood cigarette has been replaced by a straw.

The most obvious and offensive change of Trigon The reboot so far – so much so that some fans considered it the equivalent of the infamous 4KIDS censorship on pieceSanji – It’s not currently clear why this change was made to one of his most famous and characteristic features of the manga.

Source: Trigun Stampede – Official Trailer #2 TOHO Animation Youtube

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As the sun begins to cut through the shadows of the trailer, a distinct sliver of purple hair can be seen, heralding the unexpected revelation of the man’s right hand. Trigon The main opponent is Million Knives, Legato Blossomers.

Source: Trigun Stampede – Official Trailer #2 TOHO Animation Youtube

In the final reveal of the trailer, a fully revived Knives Million awakens from his healing capsule as what appears to be feathers flow around him.

He turned Knives to face his estranged twin, then asked a shocked Fash, “Which side are you on?”

Source: Trigun Stampede – Official Trailer #2 TOHO Animation Youtube

Alongside this trailer, Toho Animation has also released a new teaser featuring Fache riding a Thomas bird while Wolfwood, Merrill and Roberto cling to dear life, which reads “Ready, steady, roll!!” embroidered over them.

Source: Trigun: Stampede KV2

Trigon Stampede It is currently on its way to release in January 2023 on Crunchyroll.

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