Emmys Shake Up Variety Categories: John Oliver away from speaking to face SNL in a new scripted field and Jon Stewart and David Letterman back at the talk

Last Week Tonight with John OliverHer seven-year streak of Emmy wins for Variety Talk is coming to an end. This is because the HBO series will not be competing with late-night talk shows according to changes to the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards announced by the Television Academy.

They include replacing the Variety Talk and Variety Sketch Series classes with the Talk Series and Scripted Variety Series.

As defined by the two new categories, last week tonight It no longer qualifies as a Talk Series and will move into the Scripted Variety Series category where you will encounter various series, including drawing programs such as Saturday Night Livewhich has won a Variety Sketch Series Emmy Award for the past six years.

The late-night talk show dominated the Variety Series Emmy category before it was split into Variety Talk and Variety Sketch in 2015. Ironically, the two hosts whose late-night shows have long enjoyed success in the Variety Series category in the last two decades Their successors, David Letterman and Jon Stewart, will face off as the Hosted Nonfiction Series interview/discussion series, like Letterman My guest needs no introduction And the The problem with Jon Stewart, it will now switch to Talk Series. The Host Nonfiction Series category will remain with the other programs in which it competes.

The changes in the category were likely due to the decreasing number of late-night talk shows and sketch series. In 2019, there were six Variety Talk Series nominees. In 2020 and 2021, that number dropped to five. With only 19 applications submitted, the nomination chances should have dropped to four this year, which was only prevented by active lobbying by the late-night contestants. But as more talk shows disappeared, incl Desos and Miro And the frontal full with samantha bee, and future The Daily Show And the The late show In the event of their hosts streaming in, the category change is designed to keep the field wide for enough candidate slots.

Same goes for the Variety Sketch category, which has dropped to two nominees over the past two years, SNL And the Black Lady Sketch Show.

Here are the definitions of the two new categories, followed by other changes to the Emmy rules, including capping voting choices in the nomination round.

Great conversation seriesPrograms in which a significant portion of the runtime consists of untaped interviews or panel discussions between the host(s) and celebrities or guest personalities. A series of talks can include written elements and other aspects of a diverse series such as monologues, musical performances, etc., as long as the main goal of the program is interviews/discussions.

Notable written variety seriesPrograms that are primarily scripted or feature imprecise textual enhancement and consist of separate scenes, musical numbers, monologues, comedic stories, sketches, etc. done entertainment.

“The Television Academy Awards Committee and Board of Directors carefully reviews the Emmy rules annually and adjusts and refines competition requirements, often with input from television leaders, to reflect and support the current industry environment,” said Frank Schirma, Chairman and CEO of the Television Academy.

Here are the other changes to the rules:

Voting ceiling in the nomination round
The number of choices each voting member is allowed to make for each category in the first round vote will now be determined by the number of nominations selected for that category. Members will no longer be allowed to vote for an unlimited number of choices in any category.

Changes to tracked categories
The Single-camera and Multi-camera photo editing for a comedy series categories have been merged into the Tracked photo editing for a comedy series category. The Single-Camera Series (Half Hour) and Multi-Camera Series Cinematography categories have been merged into the Trailing Series (Half Hour) Cinematography category.

In addition, a trigger has been added to all tracked categories such that during any year in which the number of submissions per track is 20 or more, the category will be automatically split into separate categories for that year. In 2023, there will be 16 categories with tracks, which can probably be divided.

Finally, the minimum number of applications required to include a nomination track in a tracked category has been changed to 5% of the total number of applications submitted but with a minimum of three applications.

Line producers will receive qualifying credit for various categories
“Line Producer” has been added as an Emmy eligible credit in the following categories:
● Wonderful Lecture Series
● Diverse series of outstanding scripts
● Special Characteristic Variety (Direct)
● Special featured variety (pre-recorded)

Migrate and create new categories to view games
The previously announced transition of game show categories to an Emmy competition run by the Television Academy will take effect for 2023 as a result of the joint decision by the Television Academy and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to award game show categories by genre. rather than the period of the day.

The new category of Outstanding Game Show will recognize programs with game elements that primarily take place in a studio and include mental challenges. It must stand alone or be carried over (the winner continues on to the next episode) and cannot be moved away. The new category of “Outstanding Host” for a game show will be awarded to “Master of Ceremony” hosts for continued performance on a game show.

To avoid confusion between Outstanding Game Show and Outstanding Competition Program (which awards programs with reality-style, skill-based competitions), the latter category has been revised to Outstanding Reality Competition Program. In addition, game shows and reality competition programs must partner with children as the only contestants for the Kids & Family Emmy Awards.

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