MLB RUMORS: Twins can be outbid on Dansby Swanson; Mets looking at deals for James McCann and Carlos Carrasco

Most of the big-name agents are out of the game, but there’s still plenty of calendar left in the 2022-23 MLB season. As such, there are still plenty of rumors left in the 2022-23 MLB season. Speaking of which, you can find our rundown of Friday’s rumors below.

Mets speaks Carrasco, McCann dealer

The Mets are discussing star right hand Carlos Carrasco and catcher James McCann in trade talks with other teams, According to Andy Martino of SNY.

Carrasco characters will be the most attractive to players. He came off a solid season that saw him post a 97+ ERA across 29 starts. He’s owed $14 million this season, which is reasonable wages for an average major league rookie (or thereabouts) in today’s market.

McCann is likely to prove a more difficult sell. Not only is he set to earn over $12 million in each of the next two seasons, but his performance has waned since joining the Mets ahead of the 2021 campaign. In fact, he’s had 70 OPS+.

The Mets have been active on both the pitcher and catcher fronts this winter. They’ve added Justin Verlander, Koday Senga, and Jose Quintana to their rotation (albeit while losing Jacob DeGrom, Tejuan Walker, and Chris Bassett) and on Thursday signed veteran assistant Omar Narváez. The Mets have two other catchers in the house, in Tomas Nido and Francisco Alvarez, which suggests an execution is in order.

It’s not clear what teams the Mets are dealing with in Carrasco or McCann.

The twins’ targets include Swanson, Turner, and Gallo

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The Twins recently failed to restore ties with Carlos Correa, who signed a $350 million contract with the Giants. Now Minnesota is considering a big first move after Korea, and Athletic has the details. According to Dan Hayes, shortstop Dansby Swanson is still a strong consideration, but he’s likely to be coveted by two teams — the current Cubs and Braves — who are in a position to outbid the Twins if that happens. Other targets that might be more realistic for Minnesota include third baseman Justin Turner and outfielders Joey Gallo and AJ Bullock.

None of those are particularly inspiring. Turner has had a solid career, both offensively and defensively. However, at 38 years old, he has shown significant signs of declining over the past two seasons. He should still be a useful player in 2023, but he’s not the kind of player the Twins need. As for Gallo, his strength remains unassailable, but his communication struggles severely limit how valuable he is. Meanwhile, Pollock is 35, has a history of injury concerns, and is probably coming off the worst full season of his career.

ink a may

head player

The A’s announced Friday that they’ve signed veteran director Trevor May to a one-year contract. ESPN reports The value of the deal is $7 million, with the opportunity to offer another $500,000 in incentives. May, 33, is coming off a disappointing season for the Mets in 2023, but since the start of the 2018 season, he boasts a 120 ERA with a 3.75 k/b ratio.

As it stands now, May – a middle man at 33, as a reminder – will be Auckland’s highest paid player in 2023.

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