NFL Week 15 Five Bold Predictions: Dolphins offensive slump continues, Bill Belichick tops ex-assistant

The San Francisco 49ers got their 15th week start by winning their seventh straight game, defeating the rival Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football.

This weekend’s roster is a little different than usual, as the NFL will treat us to three games on Saturday and only 10 contests on Sunday this week. Still, the different schedule won’t stop us from making our usual set of bold predictions. We’ll just make sure we get it posted over the weekend, so there’s anticipation on Saturday to get things started for you guys that will be tuned to your TVs.

Without further ado…

The Dolphins continue to slump offensively

Through the first 12 weeks of the season, the Dolphins had one of the best and most explosive offenses in the NFL. They scored third in the NFL in yards per game and per game, sixth in points per game, second in Tru Media Projected Points Per Game (EPA) per game, and second in DVOA Football Outsiders. They also create big plays at the highest rate in the league, with 25.6% of their snaps resulting in a gain of 10 yards or more, according to Tru Media. In the two games they played against the 49ers and Chargers over the past two weeks, the Dolphins gained a total of 527 yards and scored a combined 34 points. They scored a season-high 14 touchdowns in each of those games, as Tua Tagovailoa combined went 28-of-61 for 440 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions, while taking five of the 17 sacks he had all season. As we wrote last weekThis week, the Dolphins will face a similar challenge to the one presented by the 49ers when they take on their major league rivals, the Buffalo Bills. Throw in the predictable bad weather (there’s a high chance of snow and it’ll be south of 30 degrees) that should prevent the production of a passing game and it’s not hard to see Miami again playing a slow offensive game.

The Saints have lost four of their last five games, with the only win coming against the Rams losing Matthew Stafford midway through the game. New Orleans has occasionally been prone to explosive games from opposing rush attacks, and we’ve seen throughout this season that despite a lack of a high-profile staff, Arthur Smith can plan the Falcons for quick success against almost any opponent. That’s what happens here, as the Falcons cut down on the work a rookie quarterback has to do and secure a win against a division opponent, miraculously keeping their playoff hopes alive for another week in the process.

The Jets slow down the Lions’ explosive passing game

Do you know when was the last time an opponent gained over 200 yards in a net pass against the Jets? If you guessed the seventh week, you would be correct. That was when Brett Rypien went 24 of 46 for 225 yards and had an interception against them in New York’s 16-9 win over the Broncos. In all seasons, the most yards (passing yards minus yards lost to sacks) the Jets have allowed is just 261, and that was against the Bengals. The Jets have been slowing down Josh Allen, the Bills, Justin Jefferson and the Vikings over the past two weeks, while the Lions have seen their passing performance drop significantly in road games compared to those played in the friendly confines of Ford Field – which has essentially become a football version. from Coors Field this season. On the turf and in the elements at MetLife Stadium, the guess here is that they have another poor performance.

Site comp to me % comp yard especially TD int bag rtg any / a
residence 139 227 61.2 1628 7.2 7 6 14 82.3 6.2
far 140 253 55.3 1524 6.0 6 4 17 74.6 5.4

Bill Belichick beats a former assistant

I was very surprised to learn that Belichick’s win-loss record against his former assistants isn’t good after all. Via the Patriots’ official website: “The only thorn in Belichick’s team over the past 23 seasons with the Patriots is facing former assistant coaches and players. In face-offs against his former teammates, Belichick has a pedestrian record of 15-13, with a mark of 5-9 against his disciples since 2018.” One of those losses came against the Denver Broncos, led by Josh McDaniels back in 2009. This time against a McDaniels-coached team, Belichick will outsmart his former offensive coordinator. Prepare to hear a lot of “1-Double 17,” the coverage we’re very likely to see used by the Pats against Davante Adams. That means he’ll be double-teaming all afternoon. The Raiders don’t have many other ways to move the ball up in the air, so when Adams is out it’s much easier to stop him.

Two weeks ago, the Giants and Chiefs played to a 20-20 tie in one of the most frustrating football games of the year. Things won’t get much better in the rematch, but the Commies will be sure to win Sunday Night Football, thanks in large part to the fact that they’re just a healthy team at the moment. This would allow them to beat their Division 1 rivals in the playoff spots and give them a good chance of securing a wild card berth.

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