RAW Preview: Blockbuster match takes place after 3.5 years, is the superstar released to make an unexpected invasion?

Welcome to this week’s edition of RAW Preview! It’s the third episode of the month and the second last of 2022. It’s been a great year overall, and this week, WWE made sure to stack the ring with some high stakes matches.

The ongoing storylines are interesting, and fans are naturally curious to see the fallout from last weekend when Adam Pierce fired Bobby Lashley.

But before that, let’s look ahead to the entire show tonight and take a look at the card:

#5. Becky Lynch feuds with Bayley after three and a half years on RAW

He faced Becky Lynch and Bayley several times despite being part of the Four Horsemen group. The last time they had a singles match against each other was in April 2019 on SmackDown, with Becky Lynch winning.

The two haven’t crossed paths much, but that has changed because Lynch is now in full feud against The Damage’s leader CTRL.

Who will get bragging rights after the match on RAW this week?

#4. What will be the consequences of Bobby Lashley’s shocking release last week?

Adam Pearce delivered some shocking news to The All MightyThe prize pool has been doubled for the high-stakes matchAlexa Bliss surprised everyone, including Bianca Belair, last week

A former head writer for WWE discusses what Mandy Rose can do after she gets out of here

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