Forge Features: December 13, 2022

Welcome to Forge Features 3rd Edition – the final release of 2022 before the holidays!

The community continues to create the amazing Forge content we absolutely loved at 343; Each week just gets more exciting knowing we’ll get to see some truly inspiring creations, so let’s take a look at some of our latest favorites.

Maps and conditions

Credits: Pwn Jones, RANMAN10, TheHoodedManZ, Microbiology 9576
bookmark: shrine

The Shrine is a map inspired by and takes elements from The Pit Halo 3something you can see in the screenshot above, reworked into something completely new.

I the love The Delta Halo-inspired aesthetic, angular simplicity and symmetry, innovative use of badges – all come together to make this map feel like a real, living outpost as well as a multiplayer star map for some good Slayer action!

Credits: Anvil Prime 52, Savesme6464, b0b here
bookmark: forgiveness

Forgiveness has some familiar aspects to some of the different maps. You may find yourself thinking of Guardian from Halo 3 Sometimes, haven’t Halo 2 In others, and you’ll notice that this is also aesthetically very reminiscent of the ancient structures seen in Delta Halo. There really is just something about those weathered stone structures…

This is a great 4v4 map that supports Slayer, CTF, and King of the Hill. Hop on in and try it out with some friends!

The heyday of these ancient and weathered stone structures naturally leads us to remake this famous favourite.

It’s the Sandtrap you know and love! Well, if you want to get Technicalit is actually Sand Tarp – the shape of the map in Halo 3 Without the elephants.

I heard this version of the map is very faithful to the original, and JRGodoy has vouched for it Exactly the same Grains of sand count in this remastered version. I leave the task of confirming the veracity of this statement (which I certainly did not make up) to you.

Credits: Dilotto
bookmark: betrayal

Betrayal might be one of my favorite maps I’ve seen so far. If you’re a fan of Forerunner’s aesthetics Combat aura evolvedthis wonderful mix of exotic materials that evoke stones and metals, you will have a great time wandering around this wonderful interior space.

No expense has been spared in close attention to detail, and you might well imagine that this could have been a real groundbreaking space in the campaign.

The trick is jumping Hello. Are they cool? They sure are! can i do it? of course not…

But if you are among the skilled action artists who have a penchant for chain slides, chain slides, equipment jumps, etc., then you must absolutely check out this movement course from Lord Jontas.

The current record time is 5 minutes 50 seconds from the Exi, so go see if you can beat them!

community creations

Moving on to additional community creations, we start with DEWtheMCCOY that works right now Day 34 From properly covering the things you’ve been making.

Of course, it’s always helpful to remember the basics, right? Koma has helpfully put together a Forge tutorial that covers just that, which should come in handy for people just joining us – or those who simply want a reminder of the new systems and features of infinite aura Forge Beta.

Finally, PengiPlays has prepared a tutorial on how to write player attributes with a graph. Active camouflage, extra shields, infinite ammo, player cuteness, head protection…all these and more options are at your disposal!

This will do about this problem. With the holiday season just around the corner, we hope you’ll have some time to rest and jump into the Forge to loosen up your creativity.

Forge features will be back in January, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve accomplished!

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