‘Outlander’ star Sam Heughan calls nudity in brutal rape scene ‘unnecessary’ and feels creators betrayed his trust

In his just published memoirs, Waypoints: My Scottish JourneyAnd the stranger from home Star Sam Heughan talks about a brutal scene he filmed on Starz’s first season and how it affected him negatively – a topic he hasn’t delved into before.

The moment in question is when his character, Jimmy Fraser, is brutally tortured and raped by his opponent, Black Jack Randall, played by Tobias Menzies. Game of thrones Fame. Filming included a front view of his character after the rape. Heogan details in his memoirs that he agreed to nudity in his contract, but did not feel that this level of nudity was appropriate for the scene.

In the book, he wrote, “This was not a moment when I felt that nudity would add to the horror of what Jimmy was exposed to in that castle dungeon as a form of punishment, oppression and humiliation.”

“I pushed back, considering that nudity tends to be sexist [sic.] A horrific experience for my character, and it generated a lot of controversy.”

stranger from home Based on the bestselling series of novels by Diana Gabaldon, Rape originates in the source material. The deadline has reached Starz and will add any feedback received.

“We don’t play here,” said showrunner Ron de Moore Eagle From the scene in 2015. “That’s the story. There’s a book that we’re following, and that’s a part of the story that’s so essential to this book. There’s really no way not to do it. This is a horrible situation, so it must be awful.”

Hyogan confessed Eagle He felt tricked into playing the grueling scene again at some point in filming.

They said, ‘We love another wide shot, everything. “And I was like… [groans], ‘My God.’ I thought I had managed to get rid of everything. And they said, “We’ll only do that to a certain point, right before it happens.” “

But, Heughan said, the director never called “cat,” and the actors did the rape part again.

“It got to that point, they didn’t call ‘cutting,’ so we had to keep going,” he explained. “I remember getting really scared, and actually feeling like my confidence shattered a little bit because it was horrible. It’s great to play, but it’s terrifying.”

The actor later spoke with the production team and they agreed that his character would appear nude, but without that the actor felt unwarranted.

“We don’t need to see horror to imagine what the characters are going through. Imagination is way more powerful,” he wrote in waypoints. “However, fortunately, the nude shots ended up on the cutting room floor. It was a horrific and exhausting experience.”

As a result, Heogan revealed on his Happy Sad Confused podcast earlier this year that stranger from homeIn season six, she now has an intimate relationship coordinator.

“It’s important that everyone is protected, but we also find a way to explore these scenes and maybe get something more out of them in reality,” Heughan said, saying he felt “thrown in the deep end” at the start of the series.

He wrote in the book: “Times have changed.” “The c**k shot was unnecessary and betrayed my trust in the creative team a bit.”

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