Elon Musk’s successor as Tesla CEO: Analyst names Apple and former Tesla Execs – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Tesla Inc TSLA Shares came under selling pressure on Thursday after the board member announced a circumvention of the CEO’s succession plan Elon Musk In preparation. Tesla’s bulls dismissed this development as “good corporate governance” and said that a change at the helm of the company might not happen anytime soon. especially, Loup boxes Managing partner Jane Monster He said it could take two to three years to announce a new CEO.

On Thursday, the venture capitalist put out a list of possible replacements for Musk, considering both internal and external candidates. He added that the list is ordered by probability.

1 – Herbert Dease: Former CEO of the German automaker Volkswagen AG VWAGYMunster said Des is the most likely successor out of the list of seven candidates. Two things that work in his favor are his drive to get electrified quickly even while at the German automaker, and the respect he commands from Musk.

2. JB Straubel: Straubel, CEO and Founder red wood material And one of the founders of Tesla, Munster is strong when it comes to batteries — an important component of electric cars — said Munster. In addition, Munster added, he has a “sober-minded approach and unwavering personality”—distinctive traits that attract investors.

Munster brought up the possibility of Tesla acquiring Redwood and Straubel as CEO. The Loup Funds co-founder said that despite his departure from Tesla, he acts as an advisor to the EV maker and still has favorable terms with Musk.

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3. Drew Baglino: Munster said Baglino has been with Tesla for 16 years and is currently a senior vice president of Powertrain and Power Engineering. Baglino also serves on the Tesla dashboard.

4 – Vineet Mehta: Another Tesla veteran who spent a decade and a half at Tesla, Mehta is currently Director of Battery Technology and Powertrain Engineering.

5. Alexander Wojcicki: Wojcicki is the payment manager at SpaceX Munster said that over the past 12 years and in the past he has helped share talent between the SpaceX and Tesla teams to solve technical issues.

6. Lars Moravie: An executive at Tesla for 12 years, Moravy is currently VP of Vehicle Engineering and previously worked as a design engineer at Honda Motor Company Hamad Medical Corporation Research and development unit.

7. Eddie Q: Signal, Apple company‘s AAPL Monster also mentioned the Senior Vice President of Services, as a possible successor, since he knows a lot about cars by virtue of his role as Director of Ferrari Nevada a race board. But Munster added that Cue is unlikely to want the headache of running the show.

Unlikely candidates: It’s unlikely Tesla will catch on, Munster said Rivian Automotive Inc.‘s countryside RJ Dread Ford Motor Company‘s F douglas field, Amazon Inc. AMZN Founder Jeff Bezos And the Lucid Group Inc.‘s LCID Peter Rawlinson.

The fund manager said Musk is likely to see Scaringe and Rawlinson as major companies that are direct competitors to Tesla, and with Field, Ford may not want to keep him even with a wage increase. He also said that SpaceX-blue origin The conflict is too much to contend with to consider Bezos taking the job.

Munster said that even if Musk steps down from the CEO role, he will stay with the company for a long time in his self-proclaimed role at TechnoKing.

“As long as Musk drives the vision for Tesla’s products, investors will likely remain supportive of the company,” he added.

price action: Tesla ended Thursday’s session down 2.01% at $183.17, according to Benzinga Pro data.

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