Eagles news: Jalen Hurts is expected to press to play in Week 17 if Philly doesn’t beat Dallas

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SOURCES: Jalen Hurts status uncertain for Eagles’ Week 17 game – ESPN+
League sources said Jalen Hurts, who will miss Saturday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys with a sprained shoulder, is also unconfirmed to play against the New Orleans Saints in Week 17. Hurts is recovering from what doctors call a sprained SC joint in his shoulder – a joint injury. Where the collarbone meets the breastbone. The Eagles would like to see how the NFC playoff race weekend plays out and how Hurts’ shoulder responds to rest and treatment before determining whether the MVP candidate can play against the Saints on New Year’s Day. The Eagles (13-1) need to win one of their three remaining games — rounding out the schedule with home games against the Saints and Giants — to claim NFC seed advantage and domestic spot throughout the playoffs. If the Eagles can win Saturday in Dallas, they don’t need to risk getting hurt next week against the Saints. But if they lose on Saturday, the Hurts will push to play against New Orleans even if, as expected, he’s not quite healthy, according to the sources. [BLG Note: It was previously reported that Hurts could miss two games, so this report does not come as a shocking revelation. The detail about the SC joint is new knowledge.]

Eagles at Cowboys Game Preview: 5 Q&A with Enemy of Week 16 – Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
There have been a few things that have gone wrong lately, some new and some lingering problems. On defense, the Cowboys have lost two key players, Anthony Brown on the outside and Jordan Lewis in the slot. DaRon Bland has done a good job filling the slot, but the Cowboys don’t have an outside corner Eligible for the Browns spot so far.So teams are definitely looking in that direction for big plays.Plus, the Cowboys pass rush has dropped the last two plays, making the pass defense more vulnerable.Teams get the ball out quicker because the angles aren’t as good. On top of that, Johan Hankins’ injury opened up the opposition’s running game again, just as the Cowboys were beginning to take on it.”

Eagles-Cowboys Preview + NFL Week 16 Against the Spread Pick – BGN Radio
Brandon Lee Gutton and Jimmy Kempsky watch the Eagles-Cowboys game on Christmas Eve as well as an NFL Week 16 pick against the Spread. Connect with us on Twitter: @BrandonGowton, @JimmyKempski, @BGN_Radio, @BleedingGreen. For a limited time only, use discount code BGN20 at RighteousFelon.com to get 20% off your order!

Game Preview – PHI in the DAL – Iggles Blitz
In the first game, the Eagles used intense formations to aid their passing attack. They wanted DBs in heavy traffic. The Cross Eagles ran and attacked midfield. It worked really well and I expect to see it again. Minshew loves to throw the ball at TE so this is a good week for Dallas Goedert’s comeback. Expect TEs to get a lot of work. Departure of LB Leighton Vander Esch. He is a key defender for a defense that can struggle against runs. This could be a game to run and run and run and more. I know Nick Siriani loves to throw points and then run, but he definitely should test that run defense early. Since Oct. 30, three teams have run of 190 yards or more in Dallas, including Jacksonville last week. Without LVE, they may struggle even more. Rookie Damon Clark will replace him in the lineup. Dallas can also mix in more dime looks. If they do, play 12 and run down their throats. The Eagles did so against the Giants and ran for 253 yards. One of the benefits of having more ball control offense is keeping Prescott and the Dallas offense as spectators on the sidelines. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

Jordan Davis became an afterthought and it didn’t matter. Where is the future of the bullish Eagles? – the inquirer
But Joseph’s presence was instrumental in improving the run defense, and since Davis’ return he has lined up above center for just three snaps. “I think the plan all along was for me to just play with the nose, but since Linval was here we have it,” Davis said earlier this week. “I think with weight loss I’m able to go.” [outside], is very. You know, I don’t know why. I just kind of do it.” Davis said he lost 20 pounds during his time on injured reserve. He said he weighed 355 before the injury and was 343 as of Thursday. It is because his ankle has not recovered 100%. He tweaked it in his first game and was only on the court six times. He played 15 of 64 snaps (23%) the following week and 14 of 59 (24%) last week.” And it’s not going to be a hundred percent. when you get back there. If I wait until it gets to 100 percent, I won’t be playing until six months from now.”

Spadaro: 6 must-follow story events vs. the Cowboys – PE.com
6. DALLAS DEFENSE WAS CHALLENGED. Jacksonville last week: 27 carries, 192 yards. Houston, last week: 37 carries, 114 yards. Dallas is tied for 24th in the NFL in run defense, allowing 133 yards per game. Jonathan Hankins, on his big defensive streak, suffered an injury in the game against Houston and is gone for the season. Leading striker, sideline-to-sideline full-back Leighton Vander Esch who is always about football is injured and will not play in this match. The Eagles will not have the Hurts element in their running game, but the running game can certainly still be very good. The Eagles ran for 185 yards and a touchdown when Mincio replaced Hurts last season in a win over the New York Jets. Miles Sanders is a Pro Bowl running back. Maybe he’ll get some touches here. The Eagles are going to count on this big, strong offensive line because they have the entire season.

The Surprisingly Successful History of Eagles Reserve QBs – NBCSP
The backup quarterback is one of the most important positions on any football team, and the Eagles’ recent history certainly confirms this. Only once since 2005 has the Eagles’ Opening Day quarterback taken every meaningful snap all year, and that was Carson Wentz in 2016. Every two years, a starting quarterback has been injured or benched. But incredibly, the backups worked almost like starters. Way back in 2000, which is when the Eagles began their current 23-year run as one of the NFL’s winningest teams, the Eagles’ Opening Day starting QBs have a 173-114-2 record, which is pretty good — 602 winning percentage. But their backups are a combined 45-35 when forced to play, and that’s good for a . 563 winning percentage, which isn’t much worse. And if it weren’t for Mike McMahon, the Backups’ winning percentage would jump to 0.589.

Cowboys loss to Jaguars causes huge loss of faith from fanbase – Blogging The Boys
You might think that Dallas Cowboys fans didn’t like the way the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars turned out last week. And you are right. very right. It’s true that the Cowboys chart covering team confidence for the year looks like a capital “M”. The bottom left corner of the “M” is the week after a Week 1 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fan confidence was at its lowest point during the season at 5%. Then we slowly went up until the Green Bay game happened, and then the Vikings bounced back. This is the middle of the letter “M”. Now, the Jaguars’ loss resulted in a significant drop, forming the right side of the “M”. Only 22% of fans feel confident in the team’s direction. It will happen after a lackluster tour of the South Asian region, with the titans still waiting for them.

Giants vs. Vikings: When the Vikings Have the Ball – Big Blue View
The Vikings are a good football team, but they are not dominant despite their record. Like the Giants, they were more efficient in one-score games. Minnesota is an incredible 10-1 in single score games. However, that team fell apart dramatically in the first half against an Indianapolis Colts team that lost its star player on their first drive. Yes, they put together the greatest comeback in NFL history, which should be applauded, but dominant teams wouldn’t give up 33 points to an interim coach with the elder Matt Ryan at quarterback. The Giants will be primed, well trained, and ready to build on their pivotal Week 15 win over Washington. However, secondary injuries would be a huge problem for the Minnesota contain 11. It looks like a track meets two suboptimal thrusters in a dome environment in December; This is not the usual scenario for a Giants who have not scored more than 27 points this season.

Bryce Vegas NFC Seeding Show – Week 16 – Hogs Haven
Having won only 7 games, with three games remaining, the Chiefs face an uphill battle to finish before Detroit or the Giants to reach the postseason. Of the three teams, the leaders had the toughest schedule remaining, consisting of the 49ers, Browns and Cowboys. New York has a less stellar schedule with the remaining games against the Vikings, Colts, and Eagles. The Lions have the easiest, as they don’t face a team with a winning record for the rest of the season. At this point in time, it would be very difficult for the leaders to finish ahead of Detroit (7-7) or tie the overall. If they can get 10 wins, they’re in. They just have to beat the 49ers on the road and the Cowboys to make it happen. The captain’s best chance seemed to be getting past the Giants 8-5-1. However, if the Giants win another game, that would require the Chiefs to win all three of their remaining games, because the Giants also hold the head-to-head tiebreaker.

Jets WR coach Miles Austin suspended for violating league gambling policy – NFL.com
The NFL suspended Jets wide receiver coach Miles Austin for violating the league’s gambling policy, NFL Network’s Tom Bellicero reported Friday, per a source. Bellisero stated that there was no indication that Austin bet on NFL games as a coach but bet on other sports, which would violate the NFL’s individual gambling policy. Austin’s suspension is indefinite and will last at least a year, per Bellicero. Austin, who was absent from Thursday night’s game against the Jaguars, is appealing his suspension.

Creating Fun: Josh Allen transitions into Leroy Jenkins – SB Nation mode
Welcome back to Create Fun, where soccer is fun and I’ll continue to prove it, even over the holidays. We’re heading into Christmas and it’s almost time for a playoff game, but I want to say thank you again for reading and following along. One of my biggest birthday gifts is being able to write and share the things that I find cool about the NFL that are really crazy for me. Thanks for giving me the chance to have some fun, I hope to keep doing this for a long time. So let’s get into the fun, starting with Josh Allen going berserk for the Bills.

Jags/Jets reaction, Pick 3, and preview Week 16 – SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Stats” Guerrera, RJ Ochoa, and Brandon Lee Gowton discuss the Jaguars’ win over the Jets Thursday night — and whether this will be the last time we’ll see Zach Wilson take the field for the Jets. Of course, we have locks for the week – and preview every match in the Week 16 roster.

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