‘Overwatch 2’ Mid-Season Patch Notes: Return of Mei, Nerfs, OWL Skins and Tokens, Aim Assist and More

After a two-day delay, Blizzard has finally rolled out the latest one Monitoring 2 The patch, which is referred to as a mid-season patch even though we’re two-thirds of the way through Season 1.

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As previously revealed, the update brings some major balance changes for several heroes, with power nerfs for Sombra, Genji, Zarya, D.Va, and Kiriko. It seemed at first that Junkrat was getting a sudden nerf, but it turns out that those changes were just that previously implemented. Mai is back Monitoring 2after Blizzard suspended it for more than two weeks due to a bug in Ice Wall that has been resolved.

If you watch enough playoffs and grand finals in the Overwatch League to earn rewards like skins, sprays, and emotes, you should start seeing those appear on your account now that the patch is live. Some remixed Overwatch League skins are also now available. Most importantly, a bug meant that players did not see the real number of Overwatch League Tokens they had. This is fixed now.

Interestingly, there have been some updates regarding competitive mode, matchmaking, and aim assist. Expect more bug fixes as well.

Without further descriptions, here’s the complete average season Monitoring 2 Patch notes, including Blizzard’s comments:

Overwatch League skins

Celebrate the champions of the Overwatch League with Royal Gladiator, Dallas Summer, and Shanghai Summer Legendary Skins! These skins can be purchased for a limited time using Overwatch League Tokens.

General updates

Competitive play and matchmaking

We continue to monitor the health of competitive play and matchmaking Monitoring 2For both returning and new players. We’ve made several tuning tweaks on the server for both the initial and ongoing determination of a player’s skill level and division, many of which will become more noticeable at the start of Season 2.

We’ve increased the accuracy of wait time estimates for each individual role in the role queue.

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Audio transcription feature added with limited release to PC players in select countries. As part of our Defense Matrix initiative, audio transcriptions allow us to analyze text from a temporary recording of a reported player’s voice chat. Players will now see a notification when entering voice chat for the first time during a gameplay session indicating that voice chat may be recorded. Be sure to report as soon as the disruptive behavior occurs to increase the effectiveness of this feature.

Once reported, a temporary audio recording will be used to make a transcript of a text file through speech-to-text software. Nobody listens to the temporary audio recording, which is quickly deleted after being copied. Transcription is only made for reports of disruptive behavior in public audio channels, which includes team chat and match – ‘group’ group chat is excluded.

Crossplay and Aim Assist

We’ve made a change to Aim Assist in cross-play (PC + Console) lobbies. If you’re playing Crossplay now, Aim Assist will be enabled in all matches except for competition.

In our data, we found that many of the groups were crossplay groups between PC and console players. This means that if you are playing on console and gathering players on PC, you are choosing a bad experience for yourself to play with your friends. Also, if you had a group that was primarily a console, but one of your friends was a PC player, you should leave the PC player out to get a good experience.

We’d like to reiterate – at this point Aim Assist is only available on console platforms.

We will monitor the deployment of this change carefully and make changes quickly if necessary.



D.Va felt pretty lethal after the latest round of changes due to how resilient she could be with her improved Defense Matrix.

  • Fusion guns spread increased from 3.5 to 3.75
  • Reinforcement damage effect reduced from 25 to 15
  • Call mech final cost reduced by 12%


Early player sentiment expected the Zarya to be one of the weakest single tanks in 5v5, though her high damage potential and barrier runtime prove to be very effective. For opponents, comments have indicated that this can feel as though Zarya has very limited windows of vulnerability, which is hard to deal with when combined with increased damage potential.

These changes will reduce the barrier’s operating time, making it more difficult for her to gain energy and give enemies more time to damage her.

  • particle barrier Duration reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds
  • Particulate barrier deceleration increased from 10 to 11 seconds
  • Decreased expected blocker duration from 2.5 to 2 seconds
  • Increased expected barrier cooldown from 10 to 11 seconds


Genji has benefited greatly from the transition to 5v5. Changing to a single tank and reducing crowd control removed a lot of obstacles for Genji. However, it didn’t receive tuning updates because it wasn’t active in the meta until launch — an intentional decision based on our general preference to avoid preemptive mods when possible. These changes will bring Genji more in line with other flanking damage heroes like Tracer and Reaper.

  • Shuriken ammo reduced from 30 to 24
  • Shuriken damage reduced from 29 to 27


  • Fixed in last update – Steel trap arming time increased from 0.5 to 0.75 seconds
  • Fixed in latest update – steel trap duration decreased from 3 to 2.5 seconds


With the Sombra reworked, I got a lot of damage to help account for Hack’s ability lock reduction. This proves to be quite deadly for the version with easy access to enemy back lines, especially in a 5v5 game.

She also could no longer aim a hack at an already hacked target, with feedback noting that the reduced cooldown combined with hacking from stealth proved too frustrating for many players. This is basically a per-target cooldown that enables Hack to hold the current cooldown of 4 seconds to potentially hack multiple targets.

  • Decreased penetration lock time from 1.75 seconds to 1.5 seconds
  • Hacked enemies are no longer valid targets for hacking for 8 seconds to effect
  • Reduced enemy penetration damage multiplier from 40 to 25%

he’s there

This window of invulnerability is primarily intended to help avoid instantaneous death of something invisible after teleporting through walls, but it ended up being too long and led to some confusion while shooting at Kiriko.

  • Swift Step Resistance duration decreased from 0.4 seconds to 0.25 seconds

Bug fixes

PC only

  • Changed default audio mix to “studio reference”
  • Resolved an issue that caused some players to get stuck at Bronze 5 even after several rank updates

Console only

  • Fixed an issue where the PC interface was forced for some console players
  • Fixed a console bug where your game could freeze if you opened and closed a hero cinematic
  • Fixed an issue where “Highlight Capture” could not be unlocked from the left d-pad


  • Fixed multiple leaderboard issues causing inaccurate ranking and placement
  • Players who are recovering will not see the effect of their healing status on their screen while they are at full health
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be put into an empty game
  • Resolved an issue that prevented players from joining their competitive game after disconnecting
  • Fixed a bug where typing in chat could purchase an item from the Hero Gallery
  • The No Name Card option in the Name Card interface is now selectable
  • Fixed a display issue where an incorrect number of Overwatch League Tokens were displayed to players, causing them to be unable to purchase items. The screen now displays the correct number of tokens the player has
  • The Avoid Team Members button is no longer hidden behind the New Players menu
  • Fixed an issue where the Farsighted Challenge would not track and/or complete correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Damage Sponge would not track and/or complete correctly
  • Resolved cases of player screen becoming blurry/out of focus
  • Fixed an issue where some players lost their Noire Widowmaker skin
  • Various visual improvements to the first time user experience
  • Fixed in latest update – Training bots now correctly spawn through walls when you’re a healer


  • Fixed additional areas of the map that were causing performance issues in some cases


  • Brigitte – Fixed a bug where Brigitte’s shield could become invulnerable under certain circumstances
  • Cassidy – The flag now drops correctly during the Combat Roll in Capture the Flag game mode
  • Doomfist (fixed in last update) – Fixed a bug with Seismic Slam stopping early due to obstacles
  • Doomfist (Fixed in last update) – Fixed a bug with being able to jump during Sismic Slam
  • Genji – Fixed an issue with the success sizes of the Genji Mythic Skin
  • Genji (Fixed in latest update) – Fixed an issue where players could obtain infinite Dragonblade in custom games
  • Hanzo (Fixed in last update) – Jumping/wall climbing no longer destroys breakables
  • Junker Queen – Commanding Shout and Rampage Now drop the flag correctly in Capture the Flag game mode
  • Kiriko – Fixed an issue where Kiriko could escape the map boundary using Swift Step
  • Mi – has been added back to the lineup
  • Mei – Fixed several issues with Mei’s Ice Wall that allowed players and projectiles to pass through or slide off
  • Mercy – The sound has made a change to the sound of Mercy’s first slide to address frequencies some players found uncomfortable
  • Reinhardt (Fixed in last update) – Fixed an issue where fast melee would not swing Reinhardt’s hammer
  • Sojourn – Can no longer capture the flag in Capture the Flag when using the Power Slide
  • Sombra (fixed in last update) – EMP damage can no longer be increased
  • Torbjorn (fixed in last update) – Fixed an issue where quick melee would not swing Torbjorn’s hammer
  • Wrecking Ball – Fixed an issue with Adaptive Shield that could cause you to lose health in some cases

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