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Woof, what a week. Another great reminder that fantasy football is crazy and that you are a crazy person to play it. We’re in the heart of the fantasy playoffs right now, so long-term speculation has been made – we’re focused on now because there’s no future. So these rankings will greatly influence matches, health, and recent trends. Here’s a little bit of ranking guidance, followed by the ratings themselves, and then some notes. If you’ve been good all year, let’s hope Santa treats you well this holiday season!

  • The ratings below are for the rest of the season. They’re trying to sum up the next three weeks (don’t worry, we’ll be posting weekly rankings for week 18 as well as for you patients playing through the end of the year).
  • Only the weekly rankings selected for Week 16 will be published on Thursday on Twitter As always (and sometimes updates on Sunday if there are big changes)
  • We’ve included some information about matches to help you try to mix and match when needed.
  • The players in orange have injury problems. Watch the weekly rankings for updates on that.
  • Notes for each player below.

Level 1: Light of the World

Level 2: 5 gold rings

  • TJ HawkinsonTJ HawkinsonThey’ve been great to use since the Vikings acquired them, and during that time, he’s technically had the second most goals on the team behind only Justin Jefferson. You definitely start it this week against the Giants, and unless you have a lot of studs, you’ll probably start it against Green Bay the following week as well.
  • Mark AndrewsMark Andrews He hasn’t lived up to expectations in the score box lately, but he still hits massive wickets and runs a good number of runs. According to PlayerProfiler, it currently leads all tight ends in track share, goal share, and track playback. If you make it this far, you won’t be able to resist it against the Falcons who are the bottom five team for center. Hope we get Lamar Jackson Come back soon and he can feel better about it.
  • George KeitelWe were worried about Brooke Purdy But honestly, it looked pretty competent. Now with Debo Samuel There is a clear path to narrow elite targets. The only concern is this week’s showdown with Washington (arguably the best in the league versus tight end) but it’s hard to find the players to start over Kettle. After that he had a great match with Las Vegas.
  • Dalton Schultz“It is possible not to make mistakes and still get lost. This is not weakness. This is life.” I think this is technically a Star Trek quote but it also applies to Schultz this week. He led all tight ends in snap and roadblocks this week. He had a great game against the Jags. He got four goals. But he didn’t produce much and Peyton Hendershot Stole TD. He has a strong game against the Eagles followed by a good game against Tennessee
  • Evan IngramEvan Ingram Is the hottest tight end in football right now – 67.4 fantasy points over the past three weeks is by far the highest (followed by Travis Kelsey with 41.2). It was good to use, its aim was good, and its matches are very powerful. You must feel oddly satisfied with Engram in your decks these days.

Level 3: Warm by fire

  • Dallas Goedertcrazy as it seems, Gardner Minshaw Quietly may be a minor upgrade to Dallas Goedert (Or at least it shouldn’t be a massive downgrade). The last time Minshew started a meaningful game for the Eagles, he threw two TD passes to Goedert. And, like awesome Jalen Hurts He, honestly, might be too great for everyone else because he steals a lot of TDs (when he has three rushing TDs like he did this week, that doesn’t leave a lot of points for anyone else). Goedert’s problem is twofold. First, it’s a huge red flag that he wasn’t deemed healthy enough to play this past week despite being activated from IR. Two, both of his matches are straight awful. So it’s not the lock you might do.
  • David NjokuNjoku has been using really well for the past two weeks – he’s been playing a huge role. But Deshaun Watson He really wasn’t the huge star we were hoping for. Moreover, Njoku’s hauls are somehow worse than Goodert’s hauls as New Orleans and Washington are literally the first two defenses against the tight end. If he can’t do it against a mediocre defense like Baltimore.
  • Pat FreermuthWe mentioned it last week but it’s now very clear – this guy is clearly not healthy. He’s played 55% of the picks in the past three weeks. And this time they didn’t even pass him by. Stay tuned for our ratings update on Twitter In a couple of days – if he’s not fully trained with the glowing reports, we may need to look elsewhere.

Level 4: Yankee Swap

  • Cole dunIn the Yankee Swap category, we play matches, so we’ll likely swap players on and off for the next couple of weeks. Cole dun He has now played 100% of the shots in three straight games. every moment. He has conceded 6, 7 and 5 goals during that period. very solid. the problem? This week’s game is supposed to be very windy and he gets a date with buffalo and Milan died. Maybe the wind will lead them to throw more short passes down the road – or maybe the passing attack is just awful. If I can make it through this week, he’ll have a great game with Detroit in Championship Week.
  • Chigoziem OkonkwoChig is the darling of the fantasy community at the moment, especially in the Dynasty with his crazy athletic style (95th percentile speed, for example). But it is not so far Advanced option to recast yet because it still doesn’t play full quick share. He ran 20 of the 34 routes this week Austin Hopper 18. Now ran with Trillon Burks back and Ryan Tannehill Outside, a little cold water is poured over the noise. He’s not a bad option this week versus Houston but you’ll probably want to find someone else to start championship week.
  • Darren WallerDarren Waller He came back but, truth be told, he wasn’t crazy before he got hurt. this week Foster Morrow He played 38 snaps to his 33, but ran 29 runs to Morrow’s 19 (out of a possible 44). PIT isn’t a great game this week before a bad game with San Francisco so it’s man you start where you have to.
  • Gerald Everett Now that’s both Mike Williams And the Keenan Allen healthy, Gerald Everett It is one of the most boring options. You have to remember that Austin, thank you This team leads technically in goals. He plays it safe but doesn’t offer many positives.
  • Greg DolcicThis week was a huge disappointment for him Courtland Sutton He came out and had a great game with the Cardinals. But Pretty Republic isn’t really that good. He played a good snap post and runs a lot of lanes (28 of 33 with zero lane blocks) but the floor looks like it did this week. His approaches are solid, at least.
  • Dawson Knox – Knox always had a decent spread, they wouldn’t throw the ball at him. Just two weeks ago he put up a straight zero. He’s been picking things up a bit lately but he’s having a tough game this week against Chicago. Not only that, but the wind is expected to be very noisy for this match so it can be difficult to throw.

Level 5: Rough Sled

  • Daniel BellingerBellinger has been quietly solid when he’s healthy — the key is “when he’s healthy.” In the game coming back from his eye injury, he played 64 of 66 shots and grabbed five of five goals and then promptly injured his ribs in the next game. That showed up this week in a brutal game for tight ends with Washington. He’s played 62 out of 63 snaps, so hopefully he’ll feel good and have a very interesting game with the Vikings.
  • Joanne Johnson It feels like chasing touchdowns a bit with Johnson because he only ran 13 batters but only threw 19. Now this Chris Olaf Featured on the injury report, Johnson could be in line for decent work. However, his rivalry with Cleveland and Philly is very tough.
  • Trey McBridenot him Zak Ertz But he lines up like him. He played 55 snaps, ran 36 routes (without blocking a pass once), and lined up for the WR 26 times. Colt McCoy He’s now targeted 11 times over the last two games, so he’s the last option we’ll start on PPR before going into desperation mode with backup QBs.

Level 6: The Island of Misfits

  • Tesum Hill And the Jeff DriskillYou know the floor, you know the ceiling – only you can make that decision for your fantasy team.

Level 7: Hooligans List

  • Noah Fant – injury Tyler Lockett It opens up possibilities for goals, but the real problem wasn’t so much the wide receivers as it was breaking away from them will bluff. s
  • Tyler Conklin He has a good schedule but that’s the only thing he does for him. The last thing we needed was CJ Uzomah to start catching passes and of course score a touchdown.
  • Hunter Henry He plays a lot of picks and even lines up in WR a lot. Last year with Josh McDaniels, he led the league in touchdowns for tight ends. This year with Matt Patricia it sucks.
  • Austin Hopper — not even the best fantasy ending on his team.
  • Hayden Hurst Coming out of injury to be his team’s fourth or fifth best goal on a brutal schedule. Fabulous.
  • Kid Otton – It’s a pretty decent option when Cameron Pratt Hurts. Cameron Pratt It no longer hurts.
  • Jordan Akins – It’s the best team at shooting the worst team in the league.

Level 8: Coal Chest

Weekly ranking

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