Ryan Day says the Buckeyes are “really, really excited” about the Likely College football team berth: “There’s been a complete swing through the program here in the last 24 hours”

Ryan Day had a reason to smile on Saturday morning.

After a dismal week in Columbus following Ohio State’s loss to Michigan last Saturday, the Buckeyes got good news Friday night when USC lost to Utah in the Pac-12 Championship Game, potentially propelling the Buckeyes back into the top four in College Football Playoffs. . The rankings are on Sunday, when the field for this year’s qualifiers is decided.

“There’s a lot of excitement” within the show about getting a chance to compete for a national championship, said Day, who appeared on ESPN’s College GameDay Saturday morning.

“When you have a few days where you think your whole season is over, and all of a sudden you start building hope and then you start seeing opportunity where everything is right in front of you, it’s almost like a second,” Day said. There has been a complete swing through the entire program here in the last 24 hours.

“Guys were texting last night. Really, really excited. So there definitely was a lot of swing in just the whole program. And there’s a lot of excitement now. And you get a chance to play in this thing. You’re two games away from the National Championship after that.” A few days ago it felt like your entire season was over.”

Day said he missed the first half of Friday night’s game because he was driving home from Cincinnati, where he was making recruiting visits at home with offensive linemen sticking with Austin Serefield and Joshua Padilla. He watched the second half, though, and was certainly pleased with the way it unfolded as Utah outscored USC 30-7 in the final two quarters.

“I have to give Kyle (Whittingham) a lot of credit, I think Utah played really well in the second half,” Day said. “And our guys have been really looking for an opportunity to finish this thing the right way this season, and I think that opportunity is in front of us now.”

If Ohio State is going to take advantage of its College Football Playoff berth and make a run to a national championship, it’s going to have to play better than it did facing Michigan, where the Buckeyes were on the wrong end in the second half. In the game where they were outscored 28-3 going into the final two quarters. Day says the Buckeyes realized that and got back into action last week, working out Wednesday and Thursday, preparing for a potential playoff opportunity.

“There are no excuses for that,” Day said when asked about the Michigan game. “But I know as we go forward, we’re going to play free, we’re going to be aggressive and we’re going to go to the people. And there can’t be anyone on our program who ever pushes or feels pressure. We’re just going to roll, and I think we can be a dangerous team in the playoffs.”

With the Buckeyes facing a possible rematch with Michigan in the CFP, Day said he reminded his team of what happened in the CFP last year, when Georgia beat Alabama in the National Championship game after losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship.

“There were things that happened in the past where teams were able to come together,” Day said. “And so we took our time focusing on the things that we didn’t do well, but by the end of the week, we were looking forward, and now we’re really looking forward.”

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